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  1. I've found out that in Windows 2000 FR.ul you have a critical update for Windows 2003 You should probably remove it... it's KB908519
  2. I've changed it to 60 and it worked!!!! Thank you guys for your help! Now I have a FULL unattended WinXP SP2 with WPI that I can use!!!!!
  3. First of all thank you guys for your help... I've found out how to skip those two steps In the winnt.sif I've inserted: [Data] AutomaticUpdates = Yes (it skips the screen to configure the automatic updates) [Display] BitsPerPel = 32 XResolution = 1024 YResolution = 768 VRefresh = 75 AutoConfirm = 1 (it skips the question to fix the resolution at first boot after the installation) But I have another problem now!!!!! It doesn't change the resolution to 1024x768... and I have 640x480!!!! Any help on that? Thank you!!!!!
  4. I just have two question.... I've created an unattended WinXP with XP2 with updates with automatic creation of user and after that I'm using the WPI.... During the installation it appears a message for the video resolution... can I skip that? and after that it appers a GUI to configure automatic update (or not right now)... is there a way to preconfigure these two steps or to skip them? Thanks in advance PS. Sorry for my english
  5. yeap!!!! it worked great! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. OK... first of all the background... I've created using nLite an unattended Windows XP with SP2 and RyanVM updates... I also changed with nLite the Maximum Unfinished simultaneous connections from 10 to 50 and I enabled the Unsigned Theme Support.... Yesterday I saw that in Windows Update there where 9 new security updates... I've downloaded them ok but when it was trying to install them it was failed and the svchost.exe takes 100% of the CPU... I've tried to download them manually and install them but I had the same result... Can anyone please please help me? Thank you in advance P.S Sorry for my english

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