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  1. Guys I'm trying to make a cd with 3 diferent versions of windows, but Im unable to find information about the boots, I looked at a software called easyboot, the menu is done, but i have to specify a diferent boot image for each windows that will be in




    does anyone knows how to make this possible, I mean making or editing a boot image so that it runs the setup of any of this folders??

    PS: Disc space is not the problem, it will all be stored at DVD Disc

  2. Allright guys... heres the situation

    I've just found this forum and I think U can be very usefull to me, I've already managed do make a unattended Install to Windows XP with the Microsoft Tool, the one that I can remember the name right now :)

    But I really wanna learn how to make silent installs to a several number of programs, like, where to put a batch file that runs and do the things and how to even make him run...

    the programs I wanna install are:


    MotherBoard Monitor

    Nero 6.0

    MSN Messenger


    Macromedia DreamWeaver

    Windows Media Player 9

    Nvidia Nforce Drivers

    ATI Display & Control panel

    can U help me With this???

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