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  1. how to auto-format partitions ?

    I tested it, and it doesn't take the size neither the label of the drive, it just formats everything as one drive (just like Repartition=Yes do)
  2. how to auto-format partitions ?

    orion2, many people on this forum say the answer is Disk.Config, it doesn't work for me though. I have Windows XP SP2, and Disk.Config is not documented anywhere in ref.chm or deploy.chm. furthermore, I put the following winnt.sif into an iso image and test it on a test machine, I want to make C: 3 GB, other drives I will quick format them using batch scripts (but the result of this winnt.sif is a C: partition taking full space): Please help. edit: you specified [DiskConfig], I think you meant [Disk.Config] ? anyway both of them doesn't work for me.
  3. Hello kazuza, I have Windows XP with SP2 slipstreamed, and Disk.Config is not found in ref.chm or deploy.chm. I've put your example in winnt.sif and test it on a test machine, it doesn't work, it autopartition the whole harddisk into one partition only. Can you please give us a complete winnt.sif to test it. Thank you.
  4. thank you so much Takeshi, after modifying MsDosInitiated=1 it is working perfectly now.
  5. Hi all, I made an iso, and I want to boot from it and let it autopartition my drives, however the setup fails when it scans for disks with: setup cannot find the temporary installation files. the hard drive on which setup placed temporary files is not currently available to Windows XP. You may need a manufacturer-supplied device driver, or you may need to run setup again and select a drive that is compatible with Windows XP for temporary installation files. see your Windows XP documentation for more information. my winnt.sif: I would really appreciate it if anybody could help me. thanks for your time all.
  6. how to auto-format partitions ?

    I don't think there is a way to do this. I just posted it to make sure. Funny thing that attend setup asks you for partitions sizes and unattended setup doesn't give you that option.
  7. Hello everybody, I've read the msfn guide and it says My situation is that I have 50 PCs with identical hardware and I want to format them monthly using C: (windows) and D: (empty ntfs) [note: drive C: already contains a windows xp installation and I want to format it and clean install] I understand that diskpart command would require me to boot into windows and Bart PE would require me to boot with the cd on every computer. I don't want to do that, I want the installation to auto-format all my partitions I used: [Data] AutoPartition=0 [unattended] FileSystem=* Repartition=Yes but no use, setup still says C: drive has already windows installation, and prompt me to delete it. Is there a way to do this ?????