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  1. Win2K SP4, KB920213 is in my HF folder, using HFSLIP 1.1.0, after a fresh install WU says I need KB920213. The cat file is in i386/svcpack. Log file is here.
  2. Thanks for the quick fix. Now to test!
  3. MS has apparently issued a new cab file for Office Update, Tomcat's link was to OPUC3.cab, new version is OPUC4.cab. I placed the file in HFCABS and HFSLIP ran fine. About halfway through the file copying portion of the Win2K install I get an error message that Windows can't copy opuc.dll file. Any ideas?
  4. There is no way that I know of to have it run totally silent. You should try CCleaner instead, it is actually more thorough than cleanmgr and you can select what you want cleaned as well. It can be run silently by using the command switch /auto.
  5. Cleanmgr commands are /d , /sageset, and /sagerun. You can only run one at a time, so you can't specify the drive letter and use sageset at the same time. But to answer your question, Start > Run > cleanmgr /sageset:100, choose what you want to delete by placing checks in the boxes, and click OK. Then right click on your desktop and make a new shortcut. In the box for the location of the item, type cleanmgr /sagerun:100, click next, enter a name for the shortcut and click finish. Clicking on the shortcut will now run cleanmgr on each drive with the options you selected.

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