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  1. To Felipe ---------------------------------- Here is my solution for editting the Vista's media: 1. extract the DVD's boot sector(2kb) named 'Bootsect.cdr'; 2. extract the folowing files to d:\workspace\ +/ |--- boot.ini |--- bootmgr |--- bootsect.bin ( using isobuster to get it) | +---/boot | |--- boot.sdi | \---/sources |--- boot.wim 3. mount the /sources/boot.wim and modify it as your purpose. 4. unmount and commit the changes of boot.wim 5. create a bootable iso file, using WinISO/UltraISO and set the boot mode is non-emu using 'bootsect.bin'; 6. try it on your VM software, e.g. Virtual PC, Bochs, Qeum or VMWare. P.S. just you see, there is a boot.ini, we can put many other items in it. such as Acronis's, cdshell, even a tradational WinPE loader: setupldr.bin. To fizban2 ---------------------------------- I know a tool named 'Reatogo', it has a plug-in, which can extract your drivers from your current Windows XP system. I mean, by using it, we can modify the registry of boot.wim, put the proper files in it and get the device work for us. ;^). But, I only have tested a network card, and get it working. Wish the Wim OPK can help us out!
  2. You can msn me: jsf_f22@msn.com ;-) --------------------------- . I meet two problem: A). I cannot modify the IP address to be static mode after I 'startnet' , even use the tcpipcfg/penetcfg; But Original WinXP's PE can be done. B). After the network is availble, the WimPE can ping others, but others cannot ping this WimPE. What I'm sure is, this is not caused by the Windows Firewall. ---------------- Any suggestion?
  3. Windows Vista beta1 has been release for a long time. And, I had tried to use its new WimPE from my Hdd. It is very fast than WinPE. For, it is using the new Wim tech + bootmgr (1st coming from Vista, it is maybe a new loader for NT). . Of course, we may cannot load it from traditional ntldr env. But we can * Crack * it. ;-( How2do =============== . 1st, please get a copy of Vista beta1; copy these files to your c:\ . 2nd, download ximage and avldr.exe from bellow: . 3rd, put "WimPEsc_Build_env.zip\SysRoot\avldr.exe" to your c:\avldr.exe, and then, edit your boot.ini, add *note* =========== * modify the 'timeout=0' to 'timeout=5', if you want to view the menu ;^) * when you in the ntldr's menu, please select "Launch Vista's BootMgr" item then, you will get a new menu poped by bootmgr. At this point, you should select the 'Microsoft Windows Longhorn Env' item. Good Luck! . 4th, using xImage to edit the default boot.wim: OK, that's all. Of course, you can even using this in your CD/DVD media. ;-) Here is my snapshoot for it:

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