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  1. During the installation of the "master" PC which serves as a base PC for creation of the build I have installed Windows XP with our corporate XP key. The same key is stored inside clientsettings.hta file on the boot cd of Win PE. How come that after the build is copied and the XP starts for the first time on the laptop computers ( in my case ) there is an error with the XP key and the only way to proceed is to enter the XP key found on the label underneath the laptop ? ( the key of the XP os which came preinstalled on the same laptop) Any ideas? Thanks, sinisa
  2. Hi, I have obtained KB887816 fix from MS. The first file inside the archive installs automatically. The second one extracts the syssetup.pdb file. The question is... where should I put this file on the "master" PC for the build? thanks, sinisa

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