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  1. Hi, I was looking at sources, I think vc6 is still not a good idea nowadays, vs 2005 produces executables compatible with win98 but I think mingw would be preferred since you may better control stuff that are linked I've tried to build kexcore by converting thunks.cpp in a pure att asm but I'm unable to resolve intermodular symbols unfortunately gcc does not support naked functions so you can't just write the function and then emit asm by using __asm() about mpc GetRawInputDeviceList -> return 0 replace other RawInputStuff with stubs, the only code where used is in mplayerc.cpp void CMPlayerCApp::RegisterHotkeys() { RAWINPUTDEVICELIST InputDeviceList[50]; UINT nInputDeviceCount = countof(InputDeviceList); RID_DEVICE_INFO DevInfo; RAWINPUTDEVICE MCEInputDevice[] = { // usUsagePage usUsage dwFlags hwndTarget { 0xFFBC, 0x88, 0, NULL}, { 0x000C, 0x01, 0, NULL}, { 0x000C, 0x80, 0, NULL} }; // Register MCE Remote Control raw input for (int i=0; i<countof(MCEInputDevice); i++) MCEInputDevice[i].hwndTarget = m_pMainWnd->m_hWnd; nInputDeviceCount = GetRawInputDeviceList (InputDeviceList, &nInputDeviceCount, sizeof(RAWINPUTDEVICELIST)); for (int i=0; i<nInputDeviceCount; i++) { UINT nTemp = sizeof(DevInfo); if (GetRawInputDeviceInfo (InputDeviceList[i].hDevice, RIDI_DEVICEINFO, &DevInfo, &nTemp)>0) { if (DevInfo.hid.dwVendorId == 0x00000471 && // Philips HID vendor id DevInfo.hid.dwProductId == 0x00000617) // IEEE802.15.4 RF Dongle (SRM 7500) { MCEInputDevice[0].usUsagePage = DevInfo.hid.usUsagePage; MCEInputDevice[0].usUsage = DevInfo.hid.usUsage; GetRemoteControlCode = GetRemoteControlCodeSRM7500; } } } RegisterRawInputDevices (MCEInputDevice, countof(MCEInputDevice), sizeof(RAWINPUTDEVICE)); if (m_s.fGlobalMedia) { POSITION pos = m_s.wmcmds.GetHeadPosition(); while(pos) { wmcmd& wc = m_s.wmcmds.GetNext(pos); if (wc.appcmd != 0) RegisterHotKey(m_pMainWnd->m_hWnd, wc.appcmd, 0, GetVKFromAppCommand (wc.appcmd)); } } } Also I'm curious about the hook works, it's a replacement of kernel32? it is possible to make it works as "light" version, I mean a loader that will inject a dll with missing stubs? I already made some compatibility stuff, that may be usefull http://clamwin.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb.cgi?p=clamwin/clamav-win32.git;a=tree;f=contrib/msvc/src/dllmain;h=a59d356c3f1b369e1a13f2c02cb39d781b854610;hb=HEAD also consider interacting with reactos/wine projects
  2. I think you need to contat ms then to reset the key (and have a new key)
  3. There is no forum that exactly matches my post, but the js shell I made can be also used for unattended installations, for bartpe postprocessing plugin and other task that normally are made by using cmd batch scripts. It has a comprensive help and it has a "plugin" architecture so addons functions can be added to the shell namespace there are basic usefull functions but since it's an open project it can be enhanced with needed functions I'll publish also the sources if someone is interested. Main download link http://oss.netfarm.it/winpe/files/sjs-setup.exe for additional infos look at http://www.911cd.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=19644
  4. you can add also http://oss.netfarm.it/download/unshield.exe it's able to decompress most installshield cabs e.g. Google Hearth http://dl.google.com/earth/GE4/GoogleEarthWin.exe first use isxunpack than unshield isxunpack or /b are not able to uncompress second stage setup
  5. you need isxunpack and unshield (I dunno if there is a windows version around) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...aded&start= this nice programs already has isxunpack if someone is interested I've made a mingw32 compile of unshield http://oss.netfarm.it/download/unshield.exe
  6. Don't known if anyone noticed it, but ie7 has a critical bug in cache handling, if the url page doesn't have an extension and you have a form using post, ie7 will not update the page and you will have the old copy picked from cache. It's not so common, but almost unusable for developing pages on zope, the pages with the code never changes even if you post changes. The only solution is disable caching at all. I went a bit OT, but anyway firefox2 is faster than ie7 (don't talk me about resources since ie7 has almost all the code already loaded by explorer.exe) It has native support for svg, mathml and many web technologies, while ie7 as new feature only supports alpha on png, I think ms should do better if they want to have a competitive product when web will go 2.0 (ajax and friends based applications). ActiveX is very dangerous, and ie supports xml remote objects only using activex.
  7. http://infrarecorder.sourceforge.net/ it's free and does same things as nero (except for the video/audio addons)
  8. try filezilla ftp server, it's more easy and configurable
  9. this thread is a bit long, but I've found a nice way to deploy extensions to the user profile, I may make an official patch to send to mozilla developer, the job is done by hooking extension manager. just apply attached patch to nsExtensionManager.js, then you can run start /wait firefox -install-global-extension "unattended://ext1|ext2|ext3|etc" using standard windows path, don't care about the cmdline it will install in the user profile, a real patch would be add another cmdline to the apprunner, but right now I re-use install-global-extension since it's passed to the extensionmanager js script, so I don't need to recompile firefox. Hope it will be usefull em_hook.diff.txt
  10. http://rom-o-matic.net/ build a floppy and use it to make pxe without pxe nic
  11. I think this "widget" is created at runtime because it has only relative strings into the resources, Anyway if you want to change text, it's located in shell32.dll stringtable, #1958
  12. they probabily removed from the driver, or I don't remember correct the inf, anyway I've tried a different inf and drivers also included in the package and it doesn't work. Anyway in what step your installation stops? Do you get driver not found/blue screen/setuploader hangs after getting mrxsmb.sy_ from tftp?. You can use ethereal to log tftp packets and see if the driver is requested from the client and also if tftp files are all served (the last is mrxsmb.sy_ but the nic driver is requested some files before)
  13. I don't remember exactly and I don't have it here, you should unpack the downloaded exe and search for a dir/files called *ris* (i.e. something ris something in filename)
  14. if you look deeply in nforce drivers there is a different driver for ris setup, I've tried it with my ris system (standalone not depending from m$ files) and it doesn't work, I've got blue screen
  15. Consider using msi2xml http://msi2xml.sourceforge.net/ it's an "advanced" tool but it can used to easy replace files in msi packages then rebuild them
  16. I've tried to integrate ewf into normal winpe but never worked since it needs an eltorito image but winpe needs a normal iso , this could be a very intresting feature, btw m$ invested much in winpe, they based their new installation on it, also as I read they fixed dns support
  17. what about mplayer ? is standalone and it doesn't needs any codec like vlc
  18. mplayer2.exe is only 5k, it's just a simple container for wmp 6.4 control that is integrated is some dll or similar. It's the same control that appears in the browser window when viewing a mplayer embedded page, in this case the container is the browser. I think mplayer2 it's leaved only for "nostalgic", but anyway mplayer classic is more flexible and usefull app Just put it naming mplayer2.exe in a normal windows installation and see if there are problems, anyway I think wmp10 setup could overwrite mplayer2.exe with his own version

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