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  1. Hi, you need a login to get into that page, here is the article. INFO: Advisory - Update from Trend Micro AV may affect performance on PC's running DeviceWall client DESCRIPTION (Week beginning 28 April 2008) Centennial Support have received a number of reports that Desktop PC's running the DeviceWall client have become slow/unresponsive or hang during start-up/Shutdown. CAUSE Investigations with several customers experiencing this issue show only one common factor. In each case the client machines are also running Trend Micro AntiVirus. As these issues are being reported at the same time it is reasonable to suspect the issue has been caused by a recent update to the Trend Micro AntiVirus engine. Centennial Support have been informed that Trend Micro have been advised of this issue. Centennial Support are not aware of any other AntiVirus products causing this issue at this time. RESOLUTION It may be possible to resolve this issue by adding the DeviceWall client files to the AntiVirus product exceptions list. The files that make up the DeviceWall client all exist in the %windows%/system32 directory and are as follows:- DEVWALL.CPL FSA.DLL MSIOCTL.EXE MSIOSRV.EXE WINIOSVC.EXE MSIODRV1.SYS MSIODRV2.SYS MSIODRV3.SYS For further help with this issue please contact Trend Micro.
  2. Hi, I removed DeviceWall from one of the PCs with the probblem. Also I found out that PCs with DeviceWall and TrendMicro AV client becomes slow or unresponsive at startup/shutdown: http://support.centennial-software.com/kno...?questionid=171 Lets wait and see Thanks
  3. Hi, this is the only relevant error in event viewer. It looks quite likely that this could be it. The MSioSrv is the service related to DeviceWall Event Type: Warning Event Source: PlugPlayManager Event Category: None Event ID: 262 Date: 06/05/2008 Time: 07:33:18 User: N/A Computer: ####### Description: The service "MSioSrv" vetoed a power event request. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.
  4. Hi, I already disable the screen saver for all the computers. The problem still persist. The last update installed was KB944338 http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=944338 I uninstall this update from one the computers that experience the issue and the problem have not reappeared in the past 6 days. However my computer have the same update and its not experiencing the issue at all. I do not have any Novell Agent installed. Recent changes: Desktop computers have recently been attached to individual UPS connected via USB (except mine) I deployed DeviceWall (endpoint security for removable media) on all computers I don't think the UPS is the issue as Laptop do not have UPS but are experiencing the issue Thanks for your help so far Paolo
  5. Hi, I have this problem at work were some computer take 20/30 minutes to unlock after pressing ctrl+alt+del. Sometimes users are forced to shutdown their computers and reboot. This issue happens randomly, so sometimes could take the usual few seconds to unlock. Our environment: The computers lock automatically after left unattended for more than 15 minutes The computers are part of a windows 2003 domain They are XP pro SP2 fully patched They have Office 2003, TrendMicro, DeviceWall, IE6 The computer are all HP, some laptop and some desktop of different ages. If someone have any idea what this problem could be, I would really appreciate some help Thanks
  6. Hello everybody, I am an italian guy, I live in London I work as IT helpdesk in a charity. Cheers

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