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  1. Here's some shell extensions...

    Thanx for replying. Your explanation on how it works helped me to troubleshoot the problem. I'd configured http://www.hace.us-inc.com/mmm.shtml to capture the Refresh entry of the context menu. As for using F5 instead I don't know if this can help http://www.donationcoder.com/Forums/bb/ind...g70832#msg70832
  2. Hi guys. Windows is useless at detecting if a folder contains audio or visual media so you can rarely right click a folder & have an "Open with Windows Media Player" otion available. I created my own entry trying "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" "%1" because I noticed that is the entry Winamp uses to do the same thing. This didn't work as WMP tried to open the actual folder as a file. Anybody know how to achieve this? Thanx 4 looking.
  3. Here's some shell extensions...

    The body of v3 of FileExtToggle.html deals with Browse back. I haven't checked the corresponding file for other extensions. Is it possible to incorporate a forced refresh after using the Hidden Files or Hide Extension functionality?
  4. Here's some shell extensions...

    I'm trying to do some toubleshooting. Every time I try to uninstall the extension pack I get this message: --------------------------- Uninstaller Error --------------------------- An error occurred while trying to remove SpiritPyre Extensions Pack. It may have already been uninstalled. Would you like to remove SpiritPyre Extensions Pack from the Add or Remove programs list? --------------------------- Yes No ---------------------------
  5. Here's some shell extensions...

    The CMD entry should be available when rightclicking any file or folder. For me it is only available when rightclicking an empty area of an open window. When rightclicking a file the CMD should open at that file. SendToToys does this. http://www.gabrieleponti.com/software/
  6. Repair scratched CD

  7. Here's some shell extensions...

    I just realized Windows has ticks built into it's submenus. eg Arrange Icons by > Auto Arrange etc
  8. Here's some shell extensions...

    Thanx SpiritPyre. I'd always assumed the tick was an ASCII character but now that U mention it I think U R right. It is probably an icon.
  9. Thanx eidenk. I'll look into it. I've been trying this program. It has an option 2 set the contents style but it doesn't have thumbs as an option! http://www.xdesksoftware.com/xfilesdialog.html
  10. Hi guys. I use thumbnails as the default view in Windows Explorer. When saving files however the dialog uses the list view. Is it possible 2 force thumbnails in the Save dialog. Thanx 4 looking.
  11. So, there is no way of having more than 5 special locations in the save dialog?
  12. Remove "Address" from address bar

    Hey guys. That's cool. Thanx. Does anybody know if it's possible 2 do this 4 the Maxthon browser's address bar also? Thanx again.
  13. Here's some shell extensions...

    Hey spiritpyre. The handy dll @ the bottom of this page http://www.cognitive-software.com/shlext.php places a tick beside enabled attributes in the context menu. Would it B possible 2 incoporate these ticks with the "hidden files" & "extension" context menu items? Thanx again.
  14. Here's some shell extensions...

  15. Here's some shell extensions...

    I've been wishing 4 this functionality 4 years spiritpyre. I would prefer buttons also but U take what U can get. Thanx. This link may B of interest 2 some: http://www.codeguru.com/Cpp/COM-Tech/shell...icle.php/c4505/