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  1. HFSLIP, The 2K/XP/2K3 slipstreamer

    The answer is on previous page. ;-)
  2. How to replace a dll ?

    I renamed HFEXPERT\APPREPLACEMENT\LegitCheckControl.dll to HFEXPERT\APPREPLACEMENT\LCC.dll and it works. Many thanks Kiki
  3. How to replace a dll ?

    Thanks Kiki But I used method #4 before asking and this doesn't work. My LCC.dll in system32 is the file from .cab not from APPREPLACEMENT Notes : I have MODIFYPE.exe in HFTOOLS. I don't slipstream WindowsXP-KB905474
  4. How to replace a dll ?

    Hello all, I put LegitCheckControl.cab in \HFCABS Where do I put my new LegitCheckControl.dll ? FIX\ HFEXPERT\APPREPLACEMENT\ HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\ another place ? Thanks for your answer.

    What is the difference between CD made with cdimage and CD made with mkisofs ?
  6. HFSLIP (original thread)

    Hi tommyp, Your batch file is always the best batch file I ever seen What is interest of line 2039 ? MOVE WORK\SVCPACK SOURCESS\I386 The files are still in SOURCESS\I386 Another typo error : ECHO. >> SVCPACK.INF ECHO [SetupData]>> SVCPACK.INF ECHO CatalogSubDir="\i386\SVCPACK">> SVCPACK.INF ECHO. >> SVCPACK.INF ECHO [SetupHotfixesToRun]>> SVCPACK.INF ) Remove the ) (line 2150)
  7. HFSLIP (original thread)

    Another typo error IF "!Localization!"=="Français" SET LN=FR IF "!Localization!"=="Français" SET LN=FRA G is missing on second line You are a Joker
  8. HFSLIP (original thread)

    The same with Server version and XP version
  9. HFSLIP (original thread)

    tommyp, there is a new typo error DEL /F /Q WoRK\VERSION.TXT So, I have a probleme with Win 2K Pro french
  10. HFSLIP (original thread)

    Yes, it's right... and I have 56K access
  11. HFSLIP (original thread)

    tommyp, there is a typo error in last line ECHO If you are getting issues that WindowsUpdate isn't happy, please download the echo HFNETCHK program, and run it with the commandline echo HTNETCHK -V -F C:\WU.TXT
  12. HFSLIP (original thread)

    I finished to read all 48 pages. tommyp & FDV, I just want to say you two words : "Bravo" & "Merci"