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  1. Any experiences ? I often use RegScrubXP, but I'm looking for something similar for Windows98.
  2. Case: I have formatted a NTFS drive and reinstalled the OS (XP Home) and other 3d party software. I noticed I'm missing some personal files, being files of an application but modified by use (they gained in size by adding more and more personal work to them, compare it to something as an inbox file). I tried to recover those files with GetDataBack and EasyRecovery, but those apps only found the fresh installed ones. Not the old ones. Now, if I would delete the reinstalled application and ran the retrieval apps on the disk again, would they find the old ones then ? Or would they find the ones just deleted ? I'm affraid it would be the latter, but I'm not sure since I read somewhere that you shouldn't install the same software on the same disk, if you want to recover the old files. Now what's the correct answer ? And what other options do I have ? Is there something like an (truely working) NTFS Unformat that wipes out the current one and restores the old installation ? Help would be much appreciated.
  3. For some strange reason I cannot write in ISO 9660/Joliet [Modus 1] format when I have 2 drives connected to the same (IDE) controller. Even when that mode is selected I get the Data[Modus 1] mode, and the data then burned on the discs renders unreadable. When I disconnect the CD reader I can write in ISO 9660, and my discs work great. Any clues what could be wrong here ?
  4. My computer seems to go into Standby when I try to Reboot. The shutdown screen "Windows is shutting down" stays visible but every activity stops including the mouse and the green Power LED starts blinking. The computer runs fine, shutting down works perfectly. In Safe Mode it reboots as it should. When installing a clean XP onto the drive it reboots perfectly too. Why doesn't it reboot on this install, even when I kill all Tasks and Services ? Power Management settings are standard, and as I said with a clean install it reboots just fine, with everything set standard.
  5. @Jito463: Thanks, that should do the trick too. @lleoliveira: I'll check it out.
  6. I tried using SaveIt! 2 to be able to monitor when an application is started so it can be protected with a password. I get errors from the WindowsFileProtection though. I have to do this on a single account which is used by more than one person, yet creating a new account to solve this is sadly NOT an option. Is there a build in option (registry maybe?) to be able to password protect running a program in XP ? Or any other usefull software ?

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