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  1. Ive had this happen to me too, when i wanted the firewall. I just reformatted last night. I have firewall so this is what I did:

    When you come to the remove components screen. And then this pops up http://www.nliteos.com/guide/pictures/b5.jpg

    Make sure you select to hide "Ethernet DHCP functionality" and "Internet Information Services (IIS)"

    Those should hide the things necessary for firewall

    Just dont go nlite heavy and you should be ok. Remember, those that are in red, only remove if you know what youre doing.

    Once youre at the unattended setup. (Im not sure if i remember this correctly but ill try) go to Network and make sure ICS is installed. It is the first one.

  2. ah ok.

    So what reg tweak to I have to do?

    Also any ideas on the task manager? I think it is because I deleted secondardy logon. ugh i keep deleting stuff that I need lol

  3. When i first boot up XP, the take the tour thing pops up in the tray. I know I uninstalled. When I click it doesnt do anything. So like what file do i delete?

    Another quick question: In the task manager processes tab, my user name is not shown under the user name tab, how do i get that back?

  4. 1. The addons aren't slipstream or integrated into XP. They added to a built-in mechanism that's put in by MS to allow for system builders to include their own software that is installed AFTER XP is installed. Though the act occurs during Windows Setup, at T-13 XP is pretty much already installed in a limited working sense. A slipstream/integrate in the sense that's common among system builders is most easily described as when a file that is physically a part of XP is replaced by a "newer" version of the SAME file. By that definition, the nLite addons aren't slipstreamed/integrated in that sense.

    So what is the point of the "slipstreamed" software?

    and when do you get to install the software?

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