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  1. AMD Cooling Solution?

    Why not simply using the AMD recommendations on the matter here: http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...30_182_869_1039^1050,00.html and here: http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_ty..._docs/23794.pdf Hope that helps
  2. To XP, or not to XP, that is the question...

    I have seen in several benchmarks that Win 2000 is better than XP for office working. XP is certainly better for multimedia aplications and games. But the differences are rather small and certainly unsignificant for the end user. Now, the future is XP, if you don't want to change your OS the next year.... Hope that helps
  3. Fat32 - Ntfs

    Just run: convert X: /FS: NTFS (X: is the partition letter you want to convert) For more info, open a DOS windows and type in: convert /? Please note that convert does not allow to convert NTFS > FAT32.
  4. Can I convert XP fat32 to NTFS?

    Are you sure that you re-format c: in FAT 32 after deleting XP and before re-installing 98 se? If yes: I don't understand (but I don't know 98SE, only 98 and ME, although I do not the difference regarding your pb). If you did not re-format, you are still in NTFS, and that explains all. When you boot on a FAT32 system (DOS or Windows) you should not be able to read a NTFS partition. But on the contrary if you transfer files from NTFS to a DOS diskett (FAT), it will be read by any FAT or NTFS system, no pb. Hope that helps.
  5. Can I convert XP fat32 to NTFS?

    I think that there was a mixing of questions/answers. Personnally, I stay in FAT32 and don't want to convert anything. Anyway, thanks Xperties for your advice.
  6. Can I convert XP fat32 to NTFS?

    > Xperties From memory (it was by 3 weeks ago), in a first time I was missing wmnt2001.exe. Once I got this file, I got a message like: unable to move files, or to find files or something like that, sorry but I don't remember. I cannot redo the test as my whole HD is now in FAT32. I've also been told that that could work when using the PM7 DOS diskett to do the change (not tested by myself). Well that does not help very much, but people who use NTFS can do the test: it is not hazardous, you just go back to your initial status without any change made.
  7. Can I convert XP fat32 to NTFS?

    I tried but unsuccessfuly !
  8. Can I convert XP fat32 to NTFS?

    The easiest way is certainly tu use convert, but one have to know, that once converted to NTFS, convert will NOT allow to go back to FAT32. Another drawback is that the NTFS partition will not be seen if you boot under DOS or on any FAT, FAT32 partition. Hope that helps.