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  1. Hey --- what graphics card you got and which drivers? Worked for me by setting compatibility to xp and running with administrative rights on an ATI x800xl with the 7.1 catalyst drivers.
  2. Hi Have a problem with media cneter in that it gives me a message after a while saying that it has stopped working although it hasnt. I have finally got my xvid videos completed from my holiday and i cant watch them. Have celtic druids x64 codec as i have the x64 version -- along with the ffdshowx64... and kazaa lite codec pack to get it working. Anyone else have this problem? and a way to fix it/or just to get rid of the message. Many thanks
  3. Hi I am doing an access project and i need a calculation to work out whether the date is the first day of a month to put in a condition for a macro. I wish to use no fields to store any information if possible. Thanks
  4. Hammer136


    Hi You can go www.cd-2-dvd.com and sign up which is free and then go to the downloads page to get orca. Its a useful site for for cd to dvd conversions as well. Hope this helps
  5. thanks for that. But i have taken all the hardware out and swapped almost every part-sound card,graphics,memory,cpu,motherboard,hard drive and it still doesnt work! Im starting to get annoyed. Whether its a combination that causes a compatibility issue im not sure but i havent found that anywhere and ive looked. Any help appreciated.
  6. Elektrik : I have uninstalled and still no luck. For that matter i have updated all of my drivers and although i havent had any crashes in the last 30 mins its too early to tell. Nepali : Like i said i have tested both sticks and they both say there fine in memtest86 and microsofts memory tester. Thanks for the imput
  7. Hi Im running xp and i am getting random crashes and automatically reboots itself (which i have now disabled). I get the error message: Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 80538107, parameter3 f3c08650, parameter4 00000000. From what i have gathered the error message it related to memory errors. However i have run memtest86 and microsofts memory tester and they both find no errors. Also i have found that some people get this when the computer is oerheating but again my computer is running at 50 degrees C and i doubt this is the problem as its within safe paramaters. FInally people have said its a PSU problem but ive got a 500W one of Ebuyer which is new and is plenty for what i have. So i have come to asking if other people have had the same problem and how they resolved it. Thanks. My computer setup if it helps: Intel 3.2Ghz 800fsb Prescott. 500W PSU Ebuyer 2x 512mb PC3200 Crucial RAM
  8. I have left it in the loadup screen for an hour before ive turned it off but it just continues going but does get partly jerky after a while.
  9. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately however its a new system (about 2 months old) but i will give it a try and see what happens. And my hard drive light remains on. Anyone with other suggestions please post as im starting to get desperate now.
  10. Hi Ive had xp64 installed for a week now and had no problems until now. Everytime i boot my machine it hangs in the loading screen (ie. the bar keeps on going and going and doesnt load windows). And i cannot even get into windows safe mode! I boubt its a technical problem as my computer has been running for months now. Any help appreciated. Hammer136
  11. Hi Im running XP 64 bit and i have 1 SATA drive partitioned so the operating system is on a 20 Gb and 180Gb is left for my programs. If i install my programs on the 180Gb partition will they run in 32 or 64 bit mode? Thanks

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