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  1. I am having a similar problem while installing XP VLM thru Winnt32 if IE7 is integrated as a addon. I have tried the solution mentioned and created $oem$\$1\$$rename.txt but it still does not resolve the problem. I am still having the IE icons and lots of other services missing. Can someone give me the specific steps on what exactly to be done?
  2. I am having a problem while installing Windows XP Pro thru winnt32 thru WinPE v2. The installation works fine if I am using just a plain Windows XP with SP2 without any updates or tweaks etc but if I apply any of Ryans updates or the whole series of update packs etc to make it upto date it does not even go past the first reboot after the text mode. The error comes as "Setup was unable to verify Drive c:, youc computer does not have enough memory to examine............" If it is just a plain XP Pro + SP2 CD it works fine and installation goes thru perfectly. Any help please......... Setup was unable to verify Drive C: after text mode.

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