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  1. Hi All, Is there any way to add serial mouse support in ERD Commander 2005.... Plz Help me
  2. How to add ERD Commander into BartPE?????
  3. Is there any way add Network Drive in ERD Commander 2005 ISO.. Because it is not been able to detect my network card of my new PC which has intel 915Mother Board with integrated Lan(Intel 100/1000)... Please help me to solve this problem....
  4. I have problem with boot.ini file in Win XP. there is a wrong kernl path and the partition is NTFS. I am not been able to edit it through startup disk.. cause it don't support NTFS partition. Is there enythin available to edit it... Please help me. It wont boot...
  5. All in one power pack for making unattended Windows XP CD Link: All In One Unattended XPCD Creation Pack By JusThinK Uploaded to MSFN server.
  6. Hi, 1)First make your desire bootscreen.(ntoskrnl.exe) 2)Then ModifyPE and Remove SelfCheck Blocks by using SCB_KILL.EXE(Download Link Soon BE Placed or send me mail to get It). 3) Make cab file by using makecab.exe(Run CMD.EXE and type "makecab ntoskrnl.exe") and replace it to i386 Directory. Now windows setup dont reject your modified ntoskrnl.exe........ Previously it reject due to SelfCheck Block, because it is a MS Protected File... mail : saugatadatta@gmail.com EnjoY
  7. Plz help me to run kTool .exe runs directly from CD by useing WINNT.SIF([GUIRunOnce]) Saugata...

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