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  1. Got it thanks. Worked it out a few minutes after posting! Cheers.
  2. Hi Guys, I am trying to create a local account using the net user command. So far, I have added an account by using the command net user username password /add This only creates the account as a normal user account and I need it to be a member of the administrators group. Is there anyway you can do this using this command or similar command?
  3. Hi, We are trying to reduce the amount of electricity that our PC's use on a day to day basis. At the moment, the only powersaving features that we have enabled is that the screens go on standby after 30 minutes. Ideally, we would like the PC to go into hibernation if left idle for 2 hours, but I have a few questions about the hibernation mode. We have various software updates pushed out to the PC's overnight, if the PC is in hibernation, would it automatically wake and accept the updates as normal? Would the PC wake on a ping command? Are there any other powersaving features that are available in Windows XP apart from those listed in the Power Control Panel Icon? Any help / advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. You could try updating the MSMASK32.OCX I think this is in the System32 directory.
  5. Hi, I have designed an Access Database which has 2 date fields. I want to create a query which compares date 1 with date 2 and reports if there is more than 1 day difference between them. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks
  6. Tools > Internet Options > Content > Enable > Approved Sites Enter the web address you want to block in here. You'd need to find every site on the net you wanted to block though.
  7. If I bought a "Virtual PC" software package (VMWare Workstation) would I need to buy another Windows XP license? I'm guessing yes as I would basically be running another copy of the Operating System.
  8. What is cmdlines.txt? I haven't come across this before.
  9. Is there any way you can amend power options so that they will be the default options for the entire pc. Not just user specific?
  10. Yeah, it needs admin priviliges to do that. I also want it to be able to amend the power settings without anyone having to log on. Any other ideas?
  11. Open Windows explorer and locate the folder the html file is in, right click the file, drag it to the desktop and release the mouse button, you get a drop down menu. One of the options is "Create Active Desktop Items Here". Click on it and it should prompt you to Add an active desktop item to your desktop. Click yes and voila!
  12. How are you copying the files? Think i've seen the "path to deep" when i've been playing around with batch files. Try moving the files you need to nearer the top of the folder. EG: from: c:\chriscasey\chris\chris\casey\files are here to c:\chriscasey\files are here Hope this helps.
  13. I'm now having a problem with the PC hibernating when it is left at CTRL ALT DEL. Any thoughts? Cheers.
  14. How do you create them? Cheers. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  15. Thanks Guys. Can you add registry edits to logon scripts so whenever a user logs on it will change the registry setting. Need to do this without it prompting if possible. Thanks.
  16. Morning All, We have a problem that PC's that are on a slow network connection do not seem to pick up the domain policy on the power options that we have set. This causes problems as some of these pc's have software on them that needs to be backed up and it isn't as the pc is in standby mode. Is there a registry edit / batch command that can set the power options or does it have to be done manually? The options I want to use are: Turn off Monitor: 30 mins Turn off hard disks: Never System standby: Never Also to disable the hibernation. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks. Title Edited - Please follow new forum rules from now on -- Martin L
  17. You may be able to to this via the BIOS.
  18. Afternoon, Quick question. I want my laptop which isn't connected to a domain to display file / folder security information as if it is connected to a domain. IE: I want it to list users with access to a certain file and I want to be able to let other users view the file without dragging it to the "shared docs" folder. Hope you understand this! Thanks.
  19. I would if I knew what command to put in to start off the installation!
  20. I have created a RIS installation, but our network is not running a DHCP server, therefore the PC cannot be allocated an IP address etc. I have a network boot disk which allows me to connect any given PC to the network. I am looking to connect the PC to the RIS share and start off the installation manually using this disk. What I need to know is: 1) Will this work? 2) What is the command to start off the installation from the command line? Thanks.

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