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  1. Hi, I wanted to block the office clerks in my Dads Office to use the Internet and also not to install any new software. However they should be able to see only sites approved by me and no other sites should be allowed. Can any help come this way.
  2. I have amd 3200 64 bit desktop and i am interested in vista Does the latest version - build 5342 support 64 bit. The download specifies 32 bit. Should i go in for it. Pls reply.
  3. I used mod rewrite for my sig maker and it was just one line of script in the .htaccess file. You can check it out at http://esigs.be . It treats http://esigs.be/sig.png?u=username as: http://esigs.be/user.jpg
  4. Thanks a lot dude . I will take your advice and not go with the image part. However i will use the javascript methods u gave me.
  5. What do u mean to say u never used mod_rewrite. Then how on earth did u do that. Pls tell.
  6. Hi, I recently made a new site : http://wbots.be The problem i am facing is of GZipping the images. The site loads fast but still images are not getting gzipped. I got the way how to GZip the Page but it does not zip the images. Also in my page i have a link to Make WBots Your Homepage. But i want that when someone has set a site as Homepage the link not to be shown. Any help will be appreciated to solve the problems i face. Is the design making it a bit heavy.
  7. I made one : http://miniurl.ath.cx/search/ If i am not wrong someone had alredy made this on MSFN. And let me guess you are using .htaccess to treat http://miniurl.ath.cx/something=search as http://miniurl.ath.cx/search/. Let me know if i am right.
  8. Well i was wonderind whether how to make your own theme with a shell pack e.g. crystalXP's Windows Vista Theme It is a shell pack if i am not wrong I wanted to know how to make such a theme Is it possible which files are responsible in XP for the theme Pls tell me guys
  9. Well i thought that these devices consume very minimal power I just have a monitor (LCD) and the CPU installed I put a UPS to the computer but not the monitor But it tripped again Now i connected the Monitor and the Cabinet to the UPS Lets see!
  10. Martin I have already changed the power supply Also RJM i have changed the power cord
  11. No i did i am going to put a UPS in a day But presently i assembled a new one for my factory and i am using that There is no tripping In my computer i disconnected the CD & DVD Drives also Remaining parts are Processor,Motherboard,Ram and HDD Also the monitor but i am using the same LCD 17" with the new assembled one Pls help
  12. The main tripper trips down and sorry for posting in the wrong forum Pls help Its urgent I am scared my devices may become spoiled
  13. What should i do Presently i am using another computer Help me with that I think so it is the motherboard
  14. I have gone mad My computer is causing tripping of the electricity of the house any ideas what is the problem I changed the SMPS still the same I have presently disconnected the CD and DVD rom Drives This is my third attempt to post Last two times it tripped My engineers know nothing Help........................... It will trip again
  15. I have been experiencing this for 4-5 days now My computer after working for 3-4 hrs causes some tripping of electricity in the entire house Is this due to a virus of windows XP I heard and read that viruses could play with the hardware but to such a extent What to do ? I am going to format my computer tommorrow Pls post before that to help me
  16. Actually i wanted to know How to synchronise two MySQL database tables I wanted when a new row is entered in one table it is also entered in another table at the same time Pls help me
  17. Hi I need a little help in MySQL I wanted to know how to link a patricular column or field of a table in MySQL DB with another column or field of another table in the same DB but different DB name of the same DB Pls reply Thanx in advance
  18. Hi, Me and my friends are starting a scientific board ESB - Electron Science board. Please give any suggestions for it and also do register there The link is: http://www.electron.roxr.com/board So the scientists or budding scientists, we request you to help us. We will appreciate any help. Pls suggest any changes in the categories and division. Also I am using IPB 1.3 . I dont know much but I heard that there are some vulnerabilities in it . If anyone knows it pls tell me. Thanks
  19. Thanks it helped But another problem On compiling i get this error: `main' must return `int' So i compiled this code: #include <iostream> using namespace std; main(int) //the main procedure (also the first executed) { cout << "Line"; cout << " One" << endl; cout << "Line Two" << endl; cout << "Line Three" << endl << "Line Four" << endl; } Instead of this: #include <iostream> using namespace std; void main() //the main procedure (also the first executed) { cout << "Line"; cout << " One" << endl; cout << "Line Two" << endl; cout << "Line Three" << endl << "Line Four" << endl; } Then it got compiled But on executing it a black window appears very fast and disappears on executing the same in cmd.exe it gives the output there Why is it dependent on cmd.exe and how to make it independent of it? Pls reply
  20. Hi, I need help in C++ when I try to compile anything in Dev C++ I get this error saying that `cout' undeclared (first use this function) (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.) `endl' undeclared (first use this function) I dont know why is this happening Pls help
  21. Is it possible to store some web pages whose addresses are mentioned before in an order. I mean if i enter some 100 web addresses before i want the PHP script to store them in a database automatically by visiting the site. Pls help me and tell me the function or script
  22. Calling all webmasters and brains on buildtolearn : I want to embed a PHP page / code in a .html page (html extension) Pls tell me how to do it Also i dont want to use the frame tag. Basically i want to replace the php extension of a webpage with html Pls help I need it
  23. How do we change the screen resolution using batch programming pls tell me the command for it along with the parameters Thank you
  24. I saw it in the General Discussions It was Posted by Prathapml.But the other day it was gone I want to know eagerly is it really possible to install MAC OS on the regular pc I have AMD 3200+ 64 bits 939 socket pro If it can be done please post how to do it?

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