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  1. thanks puntoMX and everybody for replying.. It's good if I could get some more money but my budget was tight so I will buy the 400W first and test it with OCing my system.. When it gets unstable soon,I might sell it in auction and buy another higher one.. Just try and see it soon....
  2. But there is no such Fortron PSU sold here in japan...So how about you post one here and I'll pay for $55 (incl shipping..) I just need to know how much amps or any other power spec that i need to power up my system...oc to around 3.5 and of coz leave the system 24/7 ON for dls and streams..have fibre optic 100MB/s internet here.. So please tell me what spec should I get for 12v1/12v2 or any other rails that should be enough...
  3. Thanks everybody for replying... This power supply is Japanese brand PSU and now im studying in japan.. It has 13.5cm fan and from what ive read from reviews,they said this PSU was really quiet and has all the neccessary cables..Its price also affordable for 400W,about 5000yen..Antec and Enermax PSU were quite pricey here in japan.. This is the link for this product.. http://www.scythe.co.jp/power/gouriki.html And the link of homepage.. http://www.scythe.co.jp/ Both are japanese lang so to change lang,please select the flag on top right of the homepage.. But from what Ive looked,this PSU only shown on the japanese vers website...So this is Google translated Eng vers.. http://translate.google.com/translate?u=ht...Flanguage_tools So how much watt should i need to power up my system..??
  4. I m building my new C2D rig but cant decide how much power should i need.. This is my spec C2D 6400 OCZ 1GBx2 PC2-6400 Gigabyte GA-965P-DS4 ASUS EN7600GT 256MB x1 Creative X-Fi Platinum Maxtor 320GB SATAII x1 LiteOn LightScribe DVD Writer FDD with card reader Case with 2x12cm 1x8cm fans I am planning to OC a bit my CPU to 3.2~3.5 Use the PC to edit movies and some gaming.. Im looking to this affordable Gouriki 400W ATX ver2.03,ATX12V ver2.2 SSI-EPS12V ver2.8 http://www.scythe.co.jp/images/kama/gourik...uriki-400ra.jpg Could this be enough for my system? Thank you for suggesting..
  5. I got my Vista runs well on my machine without BSOD.. but just one problem that I couldn't solve was the driver installation for audigy 2 ZS card.. In device manager,there is an uninstalled device named 'PCI Input Device'..maybe the sound card?? I'm using a Gigabyte mobo GA-8KNXP i875P chipset and the chipset driver installation was successful under winXP compatibility.. but when I tried to install the sound driver,i got this message told that no audigy 2 sound card detected on my mobo..although I've checked the WinXP compatibility.. Does anyone has the solve for the problems??..how to install those PCI Input Device and audigy2 driver...???

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