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  1. I’m trying to modify games.inf in Windows XP installation to include extra games. When I test it in already installed system, everything works fine. However, including it in Windows XP installation triggers the entire sysoc.inf not to be processed correctly — not only games are missing, but also other components that are installed via sysoc.inf appear to be broken. For example, wordpad.exe is copied to its folder but no icon exists in Start menu. spider.exe is also copied to its destination (system32), but other games’ files (e.g. sol.exe, winmine.exe) that are mentioned in games.inf are not even copied. When I open "Add/remove Windows components" it reports missing games as installed (checkboxes are ticked), and it is actually possible to install them from there, including the new ones. This drives me crazy. I tried different combinations, but nothing worked except reverting back to original file! Any suggestions regarding what might be causing this odd behavior? Here’s my minimal games.inf with only 1 game added (Shanghai Solitaire), which copies just 1 file (shanghai.exe) ; This is the Setup information file to install optional components ; Copyright © 1996 Microsoft Corporation [version] signature="$Windows NT$" ClassGUID={00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} LayoutFile=layout.inf [DestinationDirs] FreecellCopyFilesSys = 11 ;LDID_SYSTEM FreecellCopyFilesHelp = 18 ;LDID_HELP HeartsCopyFilesSys = 11 ;LDID_SYSTEM HeartsCopyFilesHelp = 18 ;LDID_HELP MinesweeperCopyFilesSys = 11 ;LDID_SYSTEM MinesweeperCopyFilesHelp = 18 ;LDID_HELP ShanghaiSolitaireCopyFilesSys = 11 ;LDID_SYSTEM SolitaireCopyFilesSys = 11 ;LDID_SYSTEM SolitaireCopyFilesHelp = 18 ;LDID_HELP SpiderCopyFilesSys = 11 ;LDID_SYSTEM SpiderCopyFilesHelp = 18 ;LDID_HELP [Optional Components] Games ;Top level option Freecell Hearts Minesweeper ShanghaiSolitaire Solitaire Spider [Games] OptionDesc = %Games_DESC% Tip = %Games_TIP% IconIndex = 34;Windows mini-icon for dialogs Parent = AccessUtil ProfileItems = OldGamesGroupDelete,NewGamesGroupCreate [NewGamesGroupCreate] Name = %Games_DESC%,0x00000004 DisplayResource="%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll",21773 [Freecell] OptionDesc = %Freecell_DESC% Tip = %Freecell_TIP% IconIndex = 62;Windows mini-icon for dialogs Parent = Games CopyFiles = FreecellCopyFilesSys, FreecellCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = FreecellUninstallItems,FreecellInstallItems,NewGamesGroupCreate Uninstall = FreecellUninstall Modes = 0,1,2,3 SizeApproximation =90112 [OldGamesGroupDelete] Name = %Games_DESC%, 0x00000006 [FreecellUninstall] DelFiles = FreecellCopyFilesSys, FreecellCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = FreecellUninstallItems, FreecellUninstallItemsCommon [FreecellInstallItems] Name = %Freecell_DESC% CmdLine = 11,,freecell.exe WorkingDir = 11 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% InfoTip = "@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-22542" DisplayResource="%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll",22030 [FreecellUninstallItems] Name = %Freecell_DESC%,0x00000003 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [FreecellUninstallItemsCommon] Name = %Freecell_DESC%,0x00000002 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [Hearts] OptionDesc = %Hearts_DESC% Tip = %Hearts_TIP% IconIndex = 34;Windows mini-icon for dialogs Parent = Games CopyFiles = HeartsCopyFilesSys, HeartsCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = HeartsUninstallItems, HeartsInstallItems,NewGamesGroupCreate Uninstall = HeartsUninstall Modes = 0,1,2,3 SizeApproximation =143360 [HeartsUninstall] DelFiles = HeartsCopyFilesSys, HeartsCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = HeartsUninstallItems, HeartsUninstallItemsCommon [HeartsInstallItems] Name = %Hearts_DESC% CmdLine = 11,,mshearts.exe WorkingDir = 11 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% InfoTip = "@%SystemRoot%\system32\mshearts.exe,-414" DisplayResource="%SystemRoot%\system32\mshearts.exe",413 [HeartsUninstallItems] Name = %Hearts_DESC%,0x00000003 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [HeartsUninstallItemsCommon] Name = %Hearts_DESC%,0x00000002 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [Minesweeper] OptionDesc = %Minesweeper_DESC% Tip = %Minesweeper_TIP% IconIndex = 63;Windows mini-icon for dialogs Parent = Games CopyFiles = MinesweeperCopyFilesSys, MinesweeperCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = MinesweeperUninstallItems, MinesweeperInstallItems, NewGamesGroupCreate Uninstall = MinesweeperUninstall Modes = 0,1,2,3 SizeApproximation =151552 [MinesweeperUninstall] DelFiles = MinesweeperCopyFilesSys, MinesweeperCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = MinesweeperUninstallItems, MinesweeperUninstallItemsCommon [MinesweeperInstallItems] Name = %Minesweeper_DESC% CmdLine = 11,,winmine.exe WorkingDir = 11 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% InfoTip = "@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-22557" DisplayResource="%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll",22045 [MinesweeperUninstallItems] Name = %Minesweeper_DESC%,0x00000003 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [MinesweeperUninstallItemsCommon] Name = %Minesweeper_DESC%,0x00000002 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [ShanghaiSolitaire] OptionDesc = %ShanghaiSolitaire_DESC% Tip = %ShanghaiSolitaire_TIP% IconIndex = 34;Windows mini-icon for dialogs Parent = Games CopyFiles = ShanghaiSolitaireCopyFilesSys ProfileItems = ShanghaiSolitaireUninstallItems, ShanghaiSolitaireInstallItems, NewGamesGroupCreate Uninstall = ShanghaiSolitaireUninstall Modes = 0,1,2,3 SizeApproximation =94208 [ShanghaiSolitaireUninstall] DelFiles = ShanghaiSolitaireCopyFilesSys ProfileItems = ShanghaiSolitaireUninstallItems, ShanghaiSolitaireUninstallItemsCommon [ShanghaiSolitaireInstallItems] Name = %ShanghaiSolitaire_DESC% CmdLine = 11,,shanghai.exe WorkingDir = 11 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% InfoTip = "@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-22572" DisplayResource="%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll",22060 [ShanghaiSolitaireUninstallItems] Name = %ShanghaiSolitaire_DESC%,0x00000003 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [ShanghaiSolitaireUninstallItemsCommon] Name = %ShanghaiSolitaire_DESC%,0x00000002 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [Solitaire] OptionDesc = %Solitaire_DESC% Tip = %Solitaire_TIP% IconIndex = 34;Windows mini-icon for dialogs Parent = Games CopyFiles = SolitaireCopyFilesSys, SolitaireCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = SolitaireUninstallItems, SolitaireInstallItems, NewGamesGroupCreate Uninstall = SolitaireUninstall Modes = 0,1,2,3 SizeApproximation =94208 [SolitaireUninstall] DelFiles = SolitaireCopyFilesSys, SolitaireCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = SolitaireUninstallItems, SolitaireUninstallItemsCommon [SolitaireInstallItems] Name = %Solitaire_DESC% CmdLine = 11,,sol.exe WorkingDir = 11 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% InfoTip = "@%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll,-22572" DisplayResource="%SystemRoot%\system32\shell32.dll",22060 [SolitaireUninstallItems] Name = %Solitaire_DESC%,0x00000003 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [SolitaireUninstallItemsCommon] Name = %Solitaire_DESC%,0x00000002 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [Spider] OptionDesc = %Spider_DESC% Tip = %Spider_TIP% IconIndex = 34;Windows mini-icon for dialogs Parent = Games CopyFiles = SpiderCopyFilesSys, SpiderCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = SpiderUninstallItems, SpiderInstallItems, NewGamesGroupCreate Uninstall = SpiderUninstall Modes = 0,1,2,3 SizeApproximation =552960 [SpiderUninstall] DelFiles = SpiderCopyFilesSys, SpiderCopyFilesHelp ProfileItems = SpiderUninstallItems, SpiderUninstallItemsCommon [SpiderInstallItems] Name = %Spider_DESC% CmdLine = 11,,spider.exe WorkingDir = 11 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% InfoTip = "@%SystemRoot%\system32\spider.exe,-57" DisplayResource="%SystemRoot%\system32\spider.exe",56 [SpiderUninstallItems] Name = %Spider_DESC%,0x00000003 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [SpiderUninstallItemsCommon] Name = %Spider_DESC%,0x00000002 Subdir = %Games_GROUP% [FreecellCopyFilesSys] freecell.exe [FreecellCopyFilesSys.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;;GRGX;;;WD)" [FreecellCopyFilesHelp] freecell.chm freecell.hlp [FreecellCopyFilesHelp.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)" [HeartsCopyFilesSys] mshearts.exe [HeartsCopyFilesSys.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;;GRGX;;;WD)" [HeartsCopyFilesHelp] mshearts.chm [HeartsCopyFilesHelp.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)" [MinesweeperCopyFilesSys] winmine.exe [MinesweeperCopyFilesSys.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;;GRGX;;;WD)" [MinesweeperCopyFilesHelp] winmine.chm winmine.hlp [MinesweeperCopyFilesHelp.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)" [ShanghaiSolitaireCopyFilesSys] shanghai.exe [ShanghaiSolitaireCopyFilesSys.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;;GRGX;;;WD)" [SolitaireCopyFilesSys] sol.exe [SolitaireCopyFilesSys.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;;GRGX;;;WD)" [SolitaireCopyFilesHelp] sol.chm sol.hlp [SolitaireCopyFilesHelp.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)" [SpiderCopyFilesSys] spider.exe [SpiderCopyFilesSys.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)(A;;GRGX;;;WD)" [SpiderCopyFilesHelp] spider.chm [SpiderCopyFilesHelp.Security] "D:P(A;;GRGX;;;BU)(A;;GA;;;BA)(A;;GA;;;SY)" [Strings] KEY_OPTIONAL = "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Setup\OptionalComponents" Games_DESC = "Games" Games_TIP = "Includes Freecell, Hearts, Minesweeper, Pinball, Solitaire, and Spider Solitaire games." Games_GROUP = "Games" Freecell_DESC = "Freecell" Freecell_TIP = "Logic puzzle in the form of a card game" Hearts_DESC = "Hearts" Hearts_TIP = "Card game" Minesweeper_DESC = "Minesweeper" Minesweeper_TIP = "Strategy game" ShanghaiSolitaire_DESC = "Shanghai Solitaire" ShanghaiSolitaire_TIP = "Solitaire game" Solitaire_DESC = "Solitaire" Solitaire_TIP = "Card game" Spider_DESC = "Spider Solitaire" Spider_TIP = "Card game"
  2. They are from full installation of Sun JRE. Of course not everyone needs all of them, especially region-specific ones, but I decided to keep everything. It would be nice to also have 'minimal' .inf with only basic set of files, but I haven't found out which files are absolutely essential.
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new to the topic of slipstreaming, and here's my first contribution - .inf file for installing the latest Sun JRE (v. 1.5.0_06). It has a [DefaultInstall] section, so you can just right-click and choose "Install" from context menu. You still need the following files from original JRE package jre-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe. Put all of them in the same folder with jre1506.inf without creating any sub-folders. Abidjan Accra Adak added.inf Addis_Ababa Adelaide Aden Algiers Almaty Amman Amsterdam Anadyr Anchorage Andorra Anguilla Antananarivo Antigua Apia Aqtau Aqtobe Araguaina Aruba Ashgabat Asmera Asuncion Athens Auckland awt.dll axbridge.dll Azores Baghdad Bahia Bahrain Baku Bamako Bangkok Bangui Banjul Barbados Beirut Belem Belgrade Belize Berlin Bermuda Bishkek Bissau Blantyre Boa_Vista Bogota Boise Brazzaville Brisbane Broken_Hill Brunei Brussels Bucharest Budapest Buenos_Aires Bujumbura cacerts Cairo Calcutta Cambridge_Bay Campo_Grande Canary Cancun Cape_Verde Caracas Casablanca Casey Catamarca Cayenne Cayman Center CET Ceuta Chagos CHANGES charsets.jar Chatham Chicago Chihuahua Chisinau Choibalsan Chongqing Christmas CIEXYZ.pf classes.jsa classlist cmm.dll Cocos Colombo Comoro Conakry content-types.properties Copenhagen COPYRIGHT Coral_Harbour Cordoba core1.zip core2.zip core3.zip Costa_Rica Cuiaba Curacao Currie cursors.properties Dakar Damascus Danmarkshavn Dar_es_Salaam Darwin Davis Dawson Dawson_Creek dcpr.dll Denver deploy.dll deploy.jar Detroit Dhaka Dili Djibouti dnsns.jar Dominica Douala dt_shmem.dll dt_socket.dll Dubai Dublin DumontDUrville Dushanbe Easter Edmonton EET Efate Eirunepe El_Aaiun El_Salvador Enderbury eula.dll extra.zip Faeroe Fakaofo Fiji flavormap.properties FontChecker.jar fontconfig.98.bfc fontconfig.98.properties.src fontconfig.bfc fontconfig.Me.bfc fontconfig.Me.properties.src fontconfig.properties.src fontmanager.dll Fortaleza Freetown Funafuti Gaborone Galapagos Gambier Gaza Gibraltar Glace_Bay GMT GMT+1 GMT+10 GMT+11 GMT+12 GMT+2 GMT+3 GMT+4 GMT+5 GMT+6 GMT+7 GMT+8 GMT+9 GMT-1 GMT-10 GMT-11 GMT-12 GMT-13 GMT-14 GMT-2 GMT-3 GMT-4 GMT-5 GMT-6 GMT-7 GMT-8 GMT-9 Godthab Goose_Bay Grand_Turk GRAY.pf Grenada Guadalcanal Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guayaquil Guyana Halifax Harare Harbin Havana Helsinki Hermosillo Hobart Hong_Kong Honolulu Hovd hpi.dll hprof.dll Indianapolis indicim.jar instrument.dll Inuvik invalid32x32.gif ioser12.dll Iqaluit Irkutsk Istanbul j2pkcs11.dll jaas_nt.dll Jakarta Jamaica java.dll java.exe java.policy java.security java_crw_demo.dll javacpl.exe javaw.exe JavaWebStart.dll javaws.exe javaws.jar javaws.policy jawt.dll Jayapura jce.jar JdbcOdbc.dll jdwp.dll Jerusalem jmxremote.access jmxremote.password.template Johannesburg Johnston jpeg.dll jpicom32.dll jpicpl32.cpl jpiexp32.dll jpinscp.dll jpioji.dll jpishare.dll jsound.dll jsoundds.dll jsse.jar jucheck.exe Jujuy Juneau jusched.exe jvm.cfg jvm.dll jvm.hprof.txt Kabul Kaliningrad Kamchatka Kampala Karachi Kashgar Katmandu Kerguelen keytool.exe Khartoum Kiev Kigali kinit.exe Kinshasa Kiritimati klist.exe Knox Kosrae Krasnoyarsk ktab.exe Kuala_Lumpur Kuching Kuwait Kwajalein La_Paz La_Rioja Lagos launcher.exe Libreville LICENSE LICENSE.rtf LICENSE_de.rtf LICENSE_es.rtf LICENSE_fr.rtf LICENSE_it.rtf LICENSE_ja.rtf LICENSE_ko.rtf LICENSE_sv.rtf LICENSE_zh_CN.rtf LICENSE_zh_TW.rtf Lima Lindeman LINEAR_RGB.pf Lisbon local_policy.jar localedata.jar logging.properties Lome London Lord_Howe Los_Angeles Louisville Luanda Lubumbashi LucidaBrightDemiBold.ttf LucidaBrightDemiItalic.ttf LucidaBrightItalic.ttf LucidaBrightRegular.ttf LucidaSansDemiBold.ttf LucidaSansRegular.ttf LucidaTypewriterBold.ttf LucidaTypewriterRegular.ttf Lusaka Luxembourg Macau Maceio Madeira Madrid Magadan Mahe Majuro Makassar Malabo Maldives Malta management.dll management.properties Managua Manaus Manila Maputo Marengo Marquesas Martinique Maseru Mauritius Mawson Mayotte Mazatlan Mbabane McMurdo Melbourne Mendoza Menominee Merida messages.properties messages_de.properties messages_es.properties messages_fr.properties messages_it.properties messages_ja.properties messages_ko.properties messages_sv.properties messages_zh_CN.properties messages_zh_HK.properties messages_zh_TW.properties MET Mexico_City Midway miniSplash.jpg Minsk Miquelon Mogadishu Monaco Monrovia Monterrey Montevideo Monticello Montreal Montserrat Moscow Muscat Nairobi Nassau Nauru Ndjamena net.dll net.properties New_York Niamey Nicosia nio.dll Nipigon Niue Nome Norfolk Noronha Nouakchott Noumea Novosibirsk NPJava11.dll NPJava12.dll NPJava13.dll NPJava14.dll NPJava32.dll NPJPI150_06.dll NPOJI610.dll Omsk Oral orbd.exe Oslo other.zip Ouagadougou pack200.exe Pago_Pago Palau Palmer Panama Pangnirtung Paramaribo Paris patchjre.exe Perth Phnom_Penh Phoenix Pitcairn plugin.jar policytool.exe Ponape Pontianak Port_Moresby Port_of_Spain Port-au-Prince Porto_Velho Porto-Novo Prague psfont.properties.ja psfontj2d.properties Puerto_Rico PYCC.pf Pyongyang Qatar Qyzylorda Rainy_River Rangoon Rankin_Inlet Rarotonga README.txt Recife Regina RegUtils.dll Reunion Reykjavik Riga Rio_Branco Rio_Gallegos Riyadh Riyadh87 Riyadh88 Riyadh89 rmi.dll rmid.exe rmiregistry.exe Rome Rothera rt.jar Saigon Saipan Sakhalin Samara Samarkand San_Juan Santiago Santo_Domingo Sao_Paulo Sao_Tome Scoresbysund Seoul servertool.exe Shanghai Simferopol Singapore snmp.acl.template Sofia sound.properties soundbank.gm South_Georgia sRGB.pf ssv.dll St_Helena St_Johns St_Kitts St_Lucia St_Thomas St_Vincent Stanley Stockholm sunjce_provider.jar sunpkcs11.jar Swift_Current Sydney Syowa Tahiti Taipei Tallinn Tarawa Tashkent Tbilisi Tegucigalpa Tehran thaiim.jar Thimphu THIRDPARTYLICENSEREADME.txt Thule Thunder_Bay Tijuana Tirane tnameserv.exe Tokyo Tongatapu Toronto Tortola Tripoli Truk Tucuman Tunis tzmappings UCT Ulaanbaatar unicows.dll unpack.dll unpack200.exe Urumqi US_export_policy.jar Ushuaia UTC Uzhgorod Vaduz Vancouver verify.dll Vevay Vienna Vientiane Vilnius Vladivostok Vostok w2k_lsa_auth.dll Wake Wallis Warsaw Welcome.html WET Whitehorse win32_CopyDrop32x32.gif win32_CopyNoDrop32x32.gif win32_LinkDrop32x32.gif win32_LinkNoDrop32x32.gif win32_MoveDrop32x32.gif win32_MoveNoDrop32x32.gif Windhoek Winnipeg Xusage.txt Yakutat Yakutsk Yekaterinburg Yellowknife Yerevan Zaporozhye zip.dll zipper.exe ZoneInfoMappings Zurich You can download the original package from one of these mirrors. You may just extract all the files using MsiCabExtract.exe, or install jre-1_5_0_06-windows-i586-p.exe on a test machine and look in "Program Files\Java" and "Program Files\Common Files\Java\". (Sorry, I can't upload them in a zip -- I got too slow connection for that). It's not too hard to fully integrate Sun JRE with Windows installation source (the way Microsoft VM was integrated in XP SP1). I'm not providing step-by-step procedure at this time, but Gosh has wonderully described various methods here. To do this, dosnet.inf and txtsetup.inf would need modifications. Sun Java will be installed in "Windows\Java". Once it is installed using the .inf, you won't be able to automatically uninstall it, but everything else, including updates, seems to be working just fine. jre1506.inf