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  1. These steps are for windows XP Here are a fiew steps to resolve the route issue ip address:, and in some cases also resolves the 169.254.x.x issue and in a fiew cases resolves the LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY message in windows xp Service Pack 2 Here is a little background in the 169.254.x.x ip address, ususly we cannot release a 169 because we will get a fresh 169.254.x.x…. and this same ip address it translates to LIMITED OR NO CONNECTIVITY in sp2, because if we go to the prompt (start, run, cmd) and do a ipconfig /all we will notice an ip address 169 ******************************************************************** IMPORTANT: 1.-Before trying this, make sure that the nxtt test shows test code:0000 or 0002 any other test code refer to CLONE to see what it means because it’s possible with other test codes, the steps wont work 2-also make sure that these two options are selected in the TCP/IP properties: ******************************************************************** HERE ARE THE STEPS: Step 1, we must disconnect the modem from all 3 cables so that the modem can be completely off (the power cord, the ethernet cable and the phone line), if we have a router, it is recommended to connect the modem directly to the pc Step 2, we are going to network connections and here is a short cut, click on start, run, And then we are going to type nca.cpl, then hit enter or click ok ...then: we are going to right-click on the local area connection and we are going to select Disable, (it is necessary to disable the connection because it will reset the registry values in the winsock keys in the registry) Step 3, then we are going to close the local area connections windows and we are going to enter the services local, so we can reset (restart) the DCHP client Here is the short cut to the services, we are going to click on start, run, services.msc and click ok or hit enter then we will do one click (highlight) the DHCP client and on the left side we will see the options “stop” and “restart”, we are going to click on restart and we will see for a split secord the following window: ***Note: as we can see the dhcp client sess: Manages network configurations by registering and updating IP addresses and DNS names. That is why it is necessary to restart the dhcp client so that the ip address can be reset Step 4.in order to have a new ip address it is necessary to SHUT DOWN the pc, NOT RESTAR, but to completely shut down the pc Step 5, we will proceed on connecting the modem until we get a solid green light (ready or dsl light), then we will turn on the pc again (Note:in these steps we do powercycle on all cpe) Step 6, we will go back to network connections like in step 2, and by double clicking the Local Area Connection, it will be enabled and over 90% of the times it will resolve the issue IP address: and like it was mentioned on top in some cases it will resolve 169.254.x.x and limited or no connectivity , if the avove steps do not resolve the situation then it is recommended to uninstall the NIC and that can only be done with a local TECH!!….. good luck!! i work for the Verizon DSL tech support....and this help me a lot...and also to my coustumers...have FuN...hope it worked for you -eMc2H-
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