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  1. For the question above, I found out that the total memory size of the Unattend Installation DVD can't be be larger than 4.0GB. Otherwise, error will occur when Windows start inspecting your computer. Also, can anyone found out the way to install the Visual Studio 2005 without reboot the computer autmaticlly? Again, please let me know. Thank you!
  2. There is the way to install sliently, and it's work (in local or network machines)! First time work: 1. Goto the Visual Studio 2005 Folder, I call it "VS2005" for easier explain 2. Goto "RUN", Enter "VS2005\setup\setup.exe /createunatted VS2005\setup\unattend.ini" 3. Now, follow the instructions in the Administrator Mode setup, and it will create the "unattend.ini" file Now, everytime you wanted to install sliently: 1. Goto "RUN", Enter "VS2005\setup\setup.exe /unattedfile VS2005\setup\unattend.ini" Got it? In addition: 1. When you tried to perform the Administrator Mode setup, make sure that you are using "VS2005\setup\setup.exe" instead of "VS2005\setup.exe" 2. Also, you are required to using the same operating system when you are creating the unattend.ini file 3. When I was trying to put the Visual Studio 2005 into my Unattended Installation DVD, for some reason it come out with an error: "Line 1 of the INF file \i386\txtseup.sif is invalid. Setup cannot continue. Press any key to exit." Please let me know if anyone able to solve this question, Thank you!

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