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  1. Thanks But althoug I try to install to an IDE drive the setup files is copied to the SATA drive as my Win XP is on that and I wan't a dual Boot and don't wan't to reinstall both op's on IDE drives. Guess I have to go and buy myself some DVD discs so I can boot directly to the instal DVD but think it should work with mounting the ISO also it have worked with previous Longhorn builds but guess they have changed something now?
  2. I saved my old boot files from root dir and copied them over the Vista ones. Usually you can edit your boot.ini file in system/advanced/start and recovery and just erase the longhorn line and/or choose not to display op system list when booting, haven't tried this time though but on previous Longhorn versions it worked .
  3. No I'm not running a RAID just plain SATA unfortionately I'm out of DVD media so haven't tried booting up from the DVD yet. I'm now trying to install on my other machine to see that there is nothing wrong with the ISO, I'm using the plain MSDN ISO. As of using RAID I have heard others havin'g problems with that. My thoughts are that as the install files are copied to the SATA drive which holds Windows XP and no SATA drivers are installed (The option for installing drivers are grayed out when I try to install Vista) the instal can't find the files once rebooted, sounds logical ?. I have also tried installling to one of my IDE drives same problem then so as for now I have no clue
  4. I try to install Windows Vista using DAEMON to mount the ISO everything works great until it reboots. After rebooting it first shows the longhorn startup screen for a few seconds and then I get this blue screen I have also tried Nero Image and get the same result, I'm trying to install a dual boot with Windows XP Pro SP2. My current Windows is on my SATA drive and therefor the installation files are copied to this drive. Is there a problem installing on SATA (or as in this case from XP that sits on a SATA drive)? It have worked fine with previous Longhorn builds. And also I get the Hal error when trying to start Windows XP afterwards but it copies a new version of Hal automatically and it can then boot. My system is as follows Abit NF7-S V2.0 Athlon Barthon 2500 Mhz clocked at 3200 Mhz 512 RAM 2 Seagate IDE drives 80/120 GB 2 Seagate SATA 200 GB Thanks for all answers

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