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  1. Hello guys, I did everything right, only powering the HDD with the usb controller was no good idea. by means the USB SATA controller was blocking my RS232 connection. I connected the HDD to my computer and then everything went fine. Even my data was still available. Thank you very much! Tom
  2. Hello, I have a Seagate 7200.11 500GB hard drive with this bloody failure. I managed to buy a CA-42 cable and connected it. The hdd is powered with a pcb from an external USB-SATA-controller. I am using Putty. I also can establish a connection, but then I get the following messages: F3 T>/8 F3 8>Z LED:000000CE FAddr:00280565 LED:000000CE FAddr:00280565 LED:000000CE FAddr:00280565 F3 T>/1 F3 1> TNRERR F 34 S 80 TNRERR F 27 S 80 F3 1>N1 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF63 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF63 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF63 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF63 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF63 LED:000000CC FAddr:0025BF63 I guess it is in the BSY state as the latest message is coming periodically. I also tried entering the commands in level 8, but with the same result.Does anybody have an idea? is my drive damaged? Thanks in advance! Tom
  3. I guess this would be a good point to close this thread. The original item of it was to show reasons why Windows 9x should still be used even its support was stopped. But in the meantime this is a discussion war in comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Win 9x and XP. And this WASN'T the original content. In my opinion comparing 9x with XP is like comparing apples with pears. Both operating systems were developed at different times with different abilities. Windows 9x was developed at a time were W2k wasn't yet available and primarily meant as a "consumer" os. And Windows NT (4.0) was not convenient for "multimedia" purposes or was some sort of limited. Windows XP was developed to have ONE platform for two operating systems (Home and Professional). So MS must support only one platform, but offers two versions. And the stability of the NT kernel serves the home as well as the professional user. I agree that the w2k and xp os'es are ressource hogs, but that's it, and I haven't heard anybody complaining yet, that developing faster hardware would be nonsens. I am a friend of both systems. My measurement machines at work are driven by Win 9x as the hardware (GPIB, bus cards,...) can be easier handeld with it. But Windows XP cannot be bluescreened because of just one task. You can see, both systems have their right for their appearance. And one thing must be clearly mentioned: Even the software development of the W9x scheme is coming to an end. Firefox 3 doesn't support it any longer, and Thunderbird will probably do the same within the near future. There are several beautyful programs available at sourceforge (like clamwin, winpooch, firewalls,...), but all of them are primarily meant for w2k and above. For example I haven't found any OPEN SOURCE tool for realtime protection on W9x systems, but enough for w2k and above. This is very sad, but true. And the lack of new software is the death for an os. These are my thoughts to Win9x. It is good for older machines and will do its job for another two or three years. Actual software is (still) available, drivers are becoming a little problem now. But there is one thing I am sure for now: I will never use Vista because of its built in "protection" against the user. I don't know why to use a os which controls my machine in that way, that I am only the owner, no longer the boss of it. It is some kind of a communistic os as I am only allowed to use hardware, software and media which is "officially" recognized and approved my MS$ and its related industry (Didn't we have that already?). This brings me to linux for example opensuse and ubuntu. WXP is supported until 2009, and I am working in parallel with linux. And then, somewhere in 2008, I will make the final move...Good bye windows. Regards Tamiga
  4. Try FreePDF. You will need the Gjostscriptfiles. I like it very much. You can find it at http://www.shbox.de/. There are versions for Win9x/ME and WinXP As a reader I recommend Foxit Reader. Regards Tamiga
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