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  1. But in messing around last night, I kept getting the normal 'driver could not be installed' type of thing for my stripes.

    This morning, I booted up into Vista, and to my surprise, my 2 stripes were sitting there, happy to be accessed.

    And just so you don't think I'm pulling your leg:


    So, for those of you that have had problems since Beta 1 (I had NO problems getting my raids to show up in that build), give it a try now. I may actually use this OS for my primary for a bit, now that I have access to all my stuff.

  2. 3 different systems (of which I timed the installs), and none of them took longer than 35 minutes, total. Not nearly as fast as my WinXP installs, but certainly not an hour and a half, or three hours. :(

  3. Vista doesn't currently have raid capability (except for a single Intel chipset, apparently), as far as I know. I've been working diligently to find a workaround for nForce4 chipsets, but I simply think it's not available atm.

  4. For the Windows Search engine, just shut off the service if you don't want it (you get a little less overhead by doing this, as it's not running the Indexing service at that point). Not sure about the other one, as I don't have that icon.

  5. Why is it that every forum I've posted it in, nobody ever reads the whole post?

    My CPU runs as if CnQ is enabled, regardless of whether it is or not

    OBVIOUSLY, if it was enabled, I would expect it to throttle, as that would be my desired effect.

  6. Is anyone seeing CPU throttling with Vista? My CPU runs as if CnQ is enabled, regardless of whether it is or not (I'm running the latest available CPU driver from AMD as of this morning, but the throttling was happening before and after).

    Basically, if my CPU isn't under load, Vista drops the multi to 6x from 13x, but if I do anything CPU intensive (say..Seti), the CPU goes back up to 2.6GHz, where it should be.

    I'm running the Always On power profile as well. I'm at a loss here.

  7. If you've tried an IDE drive, then something else is going on.  Try removing all non-essential hardware from your system, and disabling anything you're not using in your bios, and give it another run.  You may want to try unplugging your SATA drive(s) for grins, too.

    Thanks :)

    But althoug I try to install to an IDE drive the setup files is copied to the SATA drive as my Win XP is on that and I wan't a dual Boot and don't wan't to reinstall both op's on IDE drives. Guess I have to go and buy myself some DVD discs so I can boot directly to the instal DVD but think it should work with mounting the ISO also it have worked with previous Longhorn builds but guess they have changed something now?

    Even the way Vista installs is different now, so yes, it's changed. :)

  8. I was just wondering if Microsoft Vista supports SATA storage devices natively because Windows XP's installer kernel did not come with SATA support and requires that you load a kernel module that will allow it to interface with your SATA controller. I mean there are ways around it by creating slipstreamed disk but the whole F6 crap is getting old and would hope they made some kind of attempt to correct this annoying problem.

    Natively, no. At least not at this point.

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