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  1. I have a Service Pack currently installed, however, I am not sure what version it is. How do I find this out?

    Do I need to uninstall it before installing the current RTM build?

    When I right-click Computer and select properties it says I have Service Pack 1, v.688.

    Yes. You should uninstall SP1 RC v.688

  2. And nevertheless...


    @echo off


    Set "TempDir=cabtmp"

    Set "Log=Log.txt"

    mkdir "%TempDir%"

    For %%i In (*.cab) Do (

    expand "%%i" -f:* "%TempDir%" && Echo>> "%Log%" %Time:~0,-3%^>^> "%%i" expansion - OK || Echo>> "%Log%" %Time:~0,-3%^>^> "%%i" expansion - FAIL

    Echo - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Echo Installing %%i%. Please wait.

    pkgmgr /ip /m:"%TempDir%" && Echo>> "%Log%" %Time:~0,-3%^>^> "%%i" installation - OK || Echo>> "%Log%" %Time:~0,-3%^>^> "%%i" installation - FAIL

    del /f /s /q "%TempDir%"


    rd /s /q "%TempDir%"

    Echo - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Echo Operation completed

    Echo Log file created as %Log%

    Echo System log can be found at %WINDIR%\logs\cbs\Cbs.log

    Echo Now you may close this window


    (To put this .bat file into the temp-folder with .cab-file )

    For MSU&CAB-files

    @Echo Off

    Title Installing Windows Vista Updates

    For %%F In (MSU\*.msu) Do Call :msin %%F

    For %%A In (CAB\*.cab) Do Call :kbin %%A

    Shutdown.exe -r -t 1



    Start /Wait %1 /quiet /norestart


    Start /Wait pkgmgr /ip /m:%1 /quiet /norestart

    GoTo :EOF


  3. LLXX

    I definitely see a difference, but all MP3 encoders are not created equal, just as JPG encoders I demonstrated above.
    MP3 is a perceptual audio coding algorithm. Perceptual encoding is a lossy compression technique, i.e. the decoded data is not an exact replica of the original digital audio data.


    Observable frequency of a cut 16KHz is a native testimonial of mp3

    About *.png & *.jpeg. I compare its with help ACDSee 8 and find some difference. Example, for brightness


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