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  1. Okay, let's tackle this one step at a time. 1) What kind of machine did you do your base(sysprep) image on? 2) What kind of machine are you moving it to? It might be a HAL problem but that can be fixed depending on what tools you have available to you. I fixed mine with add-on images via zenworks imaging but I've seen other ways on different forums.
  2. I've found this Sysprep Driver Scanner Tool which helps me to avoid having to put the entries into sysprep.inf driver location. This site has some useful sysprep info as well. That tool and that site along with BTS and MSFN helped me to get my universal xp image working via Zenworks imaging and sysprep. I could describe more of my process if anyone else is using Zen and interseted. Just PM me. Doug Thanks to all those I've leeched knowledge off of....

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