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  1. I've used the guide in Vista and worked flawlessly trying it Windows 7 and I'm getting error during install.

    I'll be using my x64 and x86 RTM , you can use the ones you have (retail, etc.), the procedure is the same.

    1. Please download and install the Windows7 Automated Installation Kit (AIK).
    2. Please create a working folder:
    and two more folders in it x86 and x64
    3. Now, copy all the contents of your x86 DVD to the distribuition folder, in c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\
    4. Move the file named install.wim from c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\Sources to c:\Windows7AIO\Distriburion\x86

    Delite all *.clg files from source folder!! And ei.cfg!!

    5. Copy the file named install.wim from the Sources folder of your x64 RTM to the folder c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\x64 (only install.wim)
    6. Now, with admin rights, open the Deployment Tools Command Prompt (click in Start/All programs/Microsoft Windows AIK)
    7. We change directory to our working folder:
    CD c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\Sources

    8. OK, here's the tricky part. We are now about to export the images of each windows version to a single .WIM image file. The command to do this is IMAGEX.EXE. The syntax is as follows:

    imagex /export c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\x86\install.wim 1 .\install.wim "Windows7 Home Basic x86"
    imagex /export c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\x64\install.wim 1 .\install.wim "Windows7 Home Basic x64"

    This is what the first line of code does: export Version 1 of the source image file named Install.wim located in the folder c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\x86 to the destination image file named Install.wim located in c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution. The number 1 corresponds to the Home Basic edition of Windows, take a look at the following table, for the SourceNumber and its corresponding Windows Edition:

    Number Windows x86Edition
    1 Home Basic
    2 Home Premium
    3 Professional
    4 Starter
    5. Ultimate

    Number Windows x64Edition
    1 Home Basic
    2 Home Premium
    3 Professional
    4. Ultimate
    *there is no starter edition in x64!

    Thus, for example if we wanted to add the 64bit Ultimate version of Windows7 to our newly created image we type the following command:

    imagex /export c:\Windows7AIO\Distribution\x64\install.wim 4 .\install.wim "Windows7 Ultimate x64"

    9. Now that we've created our .WIM image file, let's create our ISO image file to make it ready to burn it to a DVD. To do this, still in the Deployment Tools Command Prompt window, we type:

    oscdimg -n -bc:\Windows7AIO\distribution\boot\etfsboot.com c:\Windows7AIO\distribution c:\Win7_AIO.iso -m

    This will create an ISO file named Win7_AIO.iso in c:\
    Delete x86 and x64 folder!!Delete al .clg files from your distribution folder!! Delete Ei.cfg!!
    Burn it with Nero on DVD and thats it!

    thx go to member chon's guide on on MSFN forum, that I modified to win7


  2. Have you tried to do this ?

    - Extract archive

    - Put the .key file in the same directory than setup.exe

    - Put you're up-to-date bases into a subdirectory named "Updates"

    - Run the setup.exe /S /N ( S for silent and N for not reboot after installation )

    That's works on kaspersky 4.5, so try it on kaspersky 5

    KAV 5 has a non extratcablle exe file!

    /S is working fine, no need for /N

    maybe to make a sfx.exe of folder Bases after update of av databases, and install it unattended after install of KAV.(not tested)

    ;The comment below contains SFX script commands

    Path=C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Kaspersky Anti-Virus Personal\5.0




    key is to be inserted after install :)

  3. @Mazin


    Could you help me with Acdsee603 plz?!

    I have a moded acdsee.msi and all works "fine", but I would like to remove:

    1. only to install Acdsee, without Fotocanvas and Fotoslate.

    2.install without archive plug-ins and Device detector.

    "fine" because its not silent, its only reged.

    Gui starts and I have to ...next bla bla...next...

    So is it posiblle to remove all this and make it full silent?


    Djus :)

  4. start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\isobuster\isobuster.exe /VERYSILENT /SP-
    REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\Applications\isobuster\isobuster.reg

    export [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Smart Projects] and save as isobuster.reg

  5. I'm afraid that applying the update needs the itw file! Is this correct, Frank_Sechrist?

    why the *.itw file the Acrobat6pro is allready installed?, and the update is just one *.exe file?

    by the way there is only a *.itw file for Acrobat Reader not for A.A.6Pro.

  6. Edit - Got it!  The following command works:

    start /wait msiexec.exe /p Ac60PrP1.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=ALL /qb

    Im using:

    start /wait msiexec.exe /p %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\AcroPro6\Ac60PrP1.msp REINSTALLMODE=omus REINSTALL=ALL /qb



    what is wrong with it?


    Djus :)

  7. Hi

    I have one prob, and thats how to include reg info in the setup.iss ?

    I install with setup.exe -R, all fine but I have to fill in all the reg infos every time :rolleyes:

    Some time ago somebody gave up a statemant that he doesnt have to do that and

    that he has all in hes setup.iss, and I ask my self how is that posiblleß

    Because the *.iss file is allready finished at the moment the install is finished, and the reg process starst at firststart of programm - so ???

    Or am i missing something

    help plz


    how to copy unattended my channel list "WinDVR3.chan" to :

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\InterVideo\WinDVR3


    Djus :)

  8. I newer put quotes for my other apps and all works fine.

    I did try with quotes and nothing happens, no error no nothing :)

    Last time it (same error)was a wrong name for the *.msi, but this time it isnt a modified *.msi - if you remember.

    There's a trick you can try to see what causes this problem.

    When importing to WinINSTALL, if you named "ACDSee 6.0 PowerPack.msi" "ACDSee6.msi" for example, then try changing the string to:

    Start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\Applications\acdsee\ACDSee6.msi

    Before you execute the batch, rename "ACDSee 6.0 PowerPack.msi" to "ACDSee6".

    I could send you the *.msi if you will its 4mb or so.



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