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  1. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    Well, the drivers provided by the vendor for the respective devices. - concord Eye-Q 4363Z camera, Lexar Jumpdrive, and Jumpdrive Secure. The camera gets recognized as a GenericBulkOnly, and the jumpdrives get recognized as their names. They just don't get a drive letter assigned by Windows. I cannot install this on a fresh 98se box; it's for my girlfriend and she'd freak if I had to reformat. None of the above.
  2. Maximus-Decim Native USB Drivers

    I'm having an issue with these drivers... Whever I plug in a USB flash device, it shows up in device manager, but no drive letter gets assigned to the Disk Drive component... This also happens with the vendor's drivers. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thanks, mtp
  3. UFD (universal USB mass storage) not working

    Well, I successfully nuked the old UFD driver. Now, all of my USB devices are recognized without freezing the computer by the USBSTOR driver from the Maximus Decim kit. However, the recognized devices STILL don't get a drive letter!
  4. UFD (universal USB mass storage) not working

    It was true for old versions only (1.5 - 1.6.1 if I remember correctly), now there is no universal usb storage driver in the 98SE Unofficial Service Pack. Petr <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh. So, is there a way to uninstall the UFD driver from the Unoffical pack?
  5. UFD (universal USB mass storage) not working

    Yeah. I get the same symptoms. A JumpDrive Secure and Eye-Q camera are both RECOGNIZED by the UFD driver, and a regular JumpDrive locks the system up.
  6. UFD (universal USB mass storage) not working

    I'll try, but the 98SE Unofficial Service Pack was advertised as containing universal drivers.
  7. Hi, I've installed the Unofficial Win98 service pack primarily to get the universal USB mass storage class. However, it doesn't work correctly. My instincts say that the drivers that were installed previously are trying to load along with the UFD driver, but I'm not sure. When I plug in a Lexar JumpDrive, the system locks up until I remove it. When I plug in a Lexar JumpDrive Secure (which uses a different driver) or a Concorde Eye-Q camera in "Disk Mode", the system recognizes it, but doesn't assign a drive letter. Has anyone else had this symptom, or an idea of how to fix it?