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  1. Im trying to get hibernation to work in xp x64, and with the help of google i found out that it might be a problem, with 4 gb ram or more. here is a link to microsoft http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888575, where they post a solution to add the Maxmem=4096 in the boot.ini file, but when i do that hibernation works ok, but windows only see 2.5 gb of ram!!??? my boot.ini looks like this [boot loader] timeout=0 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional x64 Edition" MaxMem=4096 /noexecute=optin /fa
  2. Ok, thanx anyway. Then ill just use the runonce option in nlite and install at the end of the installation.
  3. I would like to slipstream the swedish mui into winxp x64 is it possible?
  4. It works for me without oem folder, just integrating nvraid drivers with Nlite beta 6! I used the 7.13 sataraid drivers, just copied the nvatabus.inf from the pataraiddriver folder, and i also have nvata.inf and nvata.sys from the sataide folder dont know if they are needed but Nlite puts them in the NLDRV folder anyway. I also removed the scsi/raid and ide drivers with Nlite This is with a DFI nforce 3 ultra d motherboard with nvraid bios 4.79 I also managed to integrate raid drivers for my silicon image 3114 pci adapter at the same time and works just fine.
  5. Yes, but those txtseup.oem arent exactly the same, the one int pataraid folder has an entry of catalog file which the the sataraid doesnt This is the pataraid txtsetup.oem [Files.scsi.RAIDCLASS] driver = d1,nvraid.sys,RAIDCLASS inf = d1,nvraid.inf dll = d1,nvraidco.dll catalog = d1,nvraid.cat <--- this file doesnt exist in the sata_raid txtsetup.oem , nor physically in the sataraid folder either This is the sataraid txtsetup.oem below [Files.scsi.RAIDCLASS] driver = d1,nvraid.sys,RAIDCLASS inf = d1,nvraid.inf dll = d1,nvraidco.dll catalog = d1,nvata.cat <---- see, the
  6. Yes, youre completely right, guess im gone blind about those filenames hehe...
  7. I used the sata_raid 7.13 drivers, and first used nlite to integrate the drivers and did your solution with an oemdir and copied the nvatabus.inf from the pata_raid folder ONLY to the oemfolder and changed the section below in sata_raids txtsetup.oem to look like this: [Files.scsi.BUSDRV] driver = d1,nvatabus.sys,BUSDRV inf = d1, nvatabus.inf <--- old value was nvraid.inf dll = d1,idecoi.dll catalog = d1, nvata.cat
  8. YEEHAA!! Thats the way to go!! Now it works!!! Thanx, Fernando!
  9. well, i dont know if i really understand, do you mean i dont copy the nvatabys.inf to the sataraid folder but only to the OEM dir? Would that make a difference? I have compared the txtsetup.oem files from pata and sata and the only difference is the nvatabus.inf entry and a catalog file entry I have now changed the txtsetup.oem in the satafolder so it also have the nvatabus.inf entry and removed the nvraid.inf, because it is already there under the [Files.scsi.RAIDCLASS] section. It was this way i made work with F6 method but havent been able to slipstream it. And many thanx for your help it i
  10. I have now tried slipstream with your solution and used the pataraid drivers instead. But still BSOD!! I read the post that your referring to at nforcershq, but it doesnt say if it works when doing a fresh install using the F6 or slipstreamed. Because i can update the raiddrivers manually when online, so it cant be the wrong drivers. I made it work when using the F6 but using the txtsetup.oem from the patadraid and using drivers from sataraid and copy that nvatabus.inf from pataraid to sataraid. But i cant get it to work when slipstreaming it.
  11. Thank you Fernando! Ill try that and get back to you in awhile. Thanx for the tip
  12. i got the oemfile from sata_raid folder. And im running an Amd 64 3200 cpu on a DFI Lanparty UT 250, which has the Nforce 3 Ultra chipset. Yes, youre right, one shouldnt compare apples with bananas... But my point is, if i was to make a driver floppy for my sata raid to install winxp32 with the F6 method which files would i have to copy to the floppy? is it enough with the sata_raid folder files? The point being is there something wrong with the driverpackage? , i mean the official 6.66 is similar in layout and would surely work for updating when your systems online, but would it work when usi
  13. Hey Fernando1! Can you explain the differences in those two txtsetup.oem below the first one is from the 6.53 and the second one is from the 7.13, but 6.66 is the same too. 6.53 [Files.scsi.RAIDCLASS] driver = d1,nvraid.sys,RAIDCLASS inf = d1,nvraid.inf dll = d1,nvraidco.dll catalog = d1,nvraid.cat [Files.scsi.BUSDRV] driver = d1,nvatabus.sys,BUSDRV <---- driver = d1,nvcchflt.sys,FILTER inf = d1, nvatabus.inf <--- dll = d1,idecoi.dll catalog = d1, nvata.cat in the 6.53 there is both driver and inf entries for nvatabus.sys (marked with arrows) -----------------------------
  14. arggg! Im still getting the bsod and reboot failure after install, using Nlite B4, and your solution and using the 7.13 drivers! the 6.53 works perfectly when using nlite b5 without any other modifications. Why dont later ones do that? I checked the all the folders in the 7.13 package all the files seem to be the same wether its pataraid, sata_ide or sataraid, how come? And why is the 6.53 only one folder for everything?
  15. When using your suggestion and nlite should i select oem preinstall option in nlite when doing the unattended setup?
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