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  1. Windows 7 7093 Leaked! (Screenshot)

    May be a fake but it look good I like the task bar look better the the real one we will be geting.
  2. Boot Windows 7 from VHD - an amazing concept

    I like to give it a go to see when you get it install make a backup copy of the VHD file. then I lke to make my system die then put the backup VHd in place of the old one that was dead and see if the system will boot up and work like before it die. cause if that work then that be a great one to do a backup of my system. only thing I don't now what would happen if the MBR die I guest that it still would kill the hole system. what you thin? worth a try out?
  3. vista orb

    What is Cheerio? have not of herd that one before!
  4. 5536 on VMWare problem

    So Virtual PC from MS is better to run it is it? and is it easy to find on there site to download?
  5. 5536 on VMWare problem

    I found it at the VMware web site weeks back. Go there if link does not work and look for vista help.
  6. 5536 on VMWare problem

    if your still not geting it to work try the imfoamtion at the below link may help you out. http://pubs.vmware.com/guestnotes/wwhelp/w...s_winvista.html I have not try it yet hoping to soon. Hope it helps you out.
  7. Do you use Windows Paint?

    Screen Shot is what I use it for most times. I use Photoshop for most of my needs. But Paint still is hand to use sometime.
  8. Forceware 88.61

    Vista is geting there for me. I'm so gald more Start button. I like the new round flag Well that what I'm calling it so far. ( what is it right name anyway? ) Just love the "Aero" interface it kick a** If i do say so windows xp should have had "Aero". Can't want for DX10 but I would have like to seen it in XP. I like the install time off Build 5456 about 34 mins on my system better then beta 2 time off 57 mins. I hope it get faster I like it to be down to about 15 mins again like build 4015 was and if I rember MS said it be faster about 15 to 20 mins. Just love the DVD maker in Vista works well I think. I'll keep testing Vista till RC1 is out then i go vista as my main os the just like I did with XP Any and best be is i don't have to update my system to run it!!
  9. winxppfull

    It sound to me as if you will need to go back and restart it( the THE ANSWER FILES i mean) re make it check to see that it look ok before you test it! Don't forget that Windows Xp is log on as ADMINISTRATOR for the first user and that may be why it not working as well. If you have the USER that you made as a ADMINISTRATOR you may not have set it up just right ( i know i stuff my up the first time i insatll Xp Pro) it might just be you may need to set the ADMINISTRATOR up first then make user. I call my ADMINISTRATOR "admin" just so i know it my ADMINISTRATOR accounts and not the default system one that is made it has help a lot. any how i hope this helps a bit! as i'm still new to the this as well keep at it i all most have my right at last! YOU"LL GET THERE ra_27y PS AS FOR THE CAPS USE THEN IF YOU WANT I DON'T MIND AT ALL AS YOU CAN SEE. NOTE : I'm not saying this to p*** any one off! I just think that it up to the ever one to type any way they want ( CAPS or no capsthat is) as far as I no there no rule say that you can't use CAPS and if there is it be wrong to have a rule like that. a
  10. I Like the Grey just a little beter but be great to have a option for both. Also I like to see the end project when it done so please post i link for us