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  1. Question for the RAID guru... Fernando 1

    Thanks Fernando! How can I verify that the files I need have indeed been copied to the folder used to create the image? What do I look for?
  2. Question for the RAID guru... Fernando 1

    Fernando, I owe you a great deal for saving me countless headaches installing RAID onto my current nForce4 system. However, I am now building a new system for a friend which is an Intel 975x chipset with ICH7R. I need to slipstream the chipset and Intel RAID drivers onto my XP SP2 install CD. For RAID... Is it a simple matter of expanding the Intel Storage Manager package and adding the inf files as text mode drivers? Do I need to do anything else for them to work during the GUI part of setup? For Chipset... Do I add all the INF files (there are a ton for different southbridge chips) in the chipset software package as PNP drivers? Thanks!
  3. Help with Intel RAID/Chipset Slipstream...

    Cmon guys... I can't be the first one to be slipstreaming Intel RAID and chipset drivers with nLite?! Can someone please confirm my approach and/or offer any tips? Thanks.
  4. Help with Intel RAID/Chipset Slipstream...

    Hi can anyone with some experience doing an nlite install on an Intel RAID array and chipset comment please?
  5. Help with Intel RAID/Chipset Slipstream...

    Hi, I'm about to package a slipstream for a new Intel Motherboard (Asus P5W DH Deluxe) which uses the Intel 975x chipset. The OS install will be onto a RAID array managed by the Intel chipset. I've got some questions: Chipset INF Package: 1. The Chipset INF package includes an XP folder which appears to have INF files for every chipset Intel makes... I believe my system has an ICH7 so what INF files do I need? IIRC nLite will load every INF and file in the whole subdirectory... so maybe this question is irrelevant... just use them all? 2. Furthermore, within the XP folder for the INF package, there is an "SP" folder with additional files like ich7id2.cat and ich7id2.inf... I assume I need those as well? RAID Drivers: 3. I've expanded the storage manager package and there are two INF files in the driver folder... iaahci.inf and iastor.inf... are these all that I need to get the RAID array recognized for installing Windows? Is there anything else I should know or consider?
  6. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    If someone knows how to install the NVRAID Windows tool after slipstreaming the driver install, I would be keen to know.
  7. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Here is my experience slipstreaming 6.66 SATA RAID drivers on XP SP2 Install CD... First let me say that Fernando, you Rock for figuring this out. I think it is worth pointing out (assuming I am correct) that the integration of drivers in nLite (which is the first step) is really only to address the Text Mode portion of Windows Install. This is what saves you from having to use a floppy and F6 during initial setup. For whatever reason (lack of WHQL certification I believe) it does not then use these same drivers later for Windows GUI mode installation. The first time I tried this process, for some reason, nLite did not grab the file nvatabus.sys for inclusion in the install. As a result, half way through loading the text mode drivers, it said "nvatabus.sys file not found" and halted. I redid the process and this time verified that nLite had grabbed the file by checking in the I386 folder for nvatabus.sy_. It worked fine the second time. The second part of your process where you are copying files to the OEMDIR folder is for the Windows GUI mode install. After doing some research this is a common technique for installing non WHQL certified drivers during Windows GUI mode install. Overall, it worked well for me the second time. I not only integrated the RAID drivers but also used nLite to integrate the rest of the nForce drivers. Note that when integrating other nForce drivers you only need to select one INF in each of the relevant subdirectories you want to integrate... nLite grabs everything in that directory regarless of what INF file you select for integration. Good luck to others.
  8. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    That explains it... Thanks!
  9. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    This is confusing (sorry if I'm an id*** but this really is not clear)... You've clarified that nvatabus.inf must come from PATARAID folder (even for a SATA RAID array which makes no sense but I will trust you on this)... What about the other two files (idecoi.dll and nvatabus.sys)? Does it matter where they come from? Also, When you say "integrate the latest NVIDIA Sata/Raid drivers as textmode drivers" ... What freakin directory are you integrating in nLite? - \PATARAID or \SATARAID? Why are you using PATARAID drivers to setup a SATA RAID Array?
  10. Integration of NVIDIA's nForce RAID and AHCI drivers

    Hi, Thanks Fernando for your work, but can you clarify something... nvatabus.inf is only found in this nForce4 folder... IDE\WinXP\PATARAID I want to install SATA RAID which I assume should come from... IDE\WinXP\SATARAID where the only INF file is called nvraid.inf (not nvatabus.inf) Can you clarify what INF and directory I should be using to slipstream drivers for a SATA RAID drive array? Thanks.