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  1. Adding Conditional Expressions

    Cool. Now I understand. Thanks very much Wraith.
  2. Adding Conditional Expressions

    Sorry Wraith. I can't follow which tags it should be placed between. I basically only want to run though this section if the MachineType environment variable == IBM. <items> <item display="Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS)"> <execute display="Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS)" desc="Installs Broadcom Advanced Control Suite (BACS)" configs="HAILSTORM,AFTERSHOCK,MYSTIQUE,FAILSAFE"> <program>S:\IBM\Broadcom\MgmtApps\IA32\setup</program> <arguments>/s /v/qn</arguments> <hide>true</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> <item display="Broadcom BASP Silent Configuration"> <execute display="Broadcom BASP Silent Configuration" desc="Installs and applies the Broadcom BASP Silent Configuration" configs="HAILSTORM,AFTERSHOCK,MYSTIQUE,FAILSAFE"> <program>S:\IBM\baspscfg\baspscfg.cmd</program> <arguments></arguments> <hide>true</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> <item display="IBM ServeRAID Manager"> <execute display="IBM ServeRAID Manager" desc="Installs IBM ServeRAID Manager" configs="HAILSTORM,AFTERSHOCK,MYSTIQUE,FAILSAFE"> <program>S:\IBM\ServeRAID\manager\setup</program> <arguments> /s /v"/qn REBOOT=Suppress"</arguments> <hide>true</hide> <wait>true</wait> </execute> </item> </items> Cheers, Jeremy.
  3. Adding Conditional Expressions

    I do have a registered version, but I can't find a way (or simply just don't understand) how to do this. I actually want to exclude the execution (installation) of certain applications based on an environment variable. I guess I can skip a program installation by first executing a batch or vbscript to check a condition, but this is not a neat and tidy way of doing things. Does anyone have any sample code, or can explain how this can be done in XML? Cheers, Jeremy.
  4. Adding Conditional Expressions

    Hi, Can I add conditional expressions within the include-Items.xml file? What I would like to do is only install certain applications if the machine is an IBM, or a HP, etc. Rather than calling multiple instances of XPlode, I want to place all my apps in the one include-Items.xml file. If this can be done, could you please provide a small piece of sample code? Cheers, Jeremy.