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  1. for testing make sure you have it in \source\i386 if it's not in a i386 directory, it fails to do the test install.
  2. this should cover all your needs. Scripting DNS on XP
  3. forgot to post it. should work as long as you it already knows where to find the drivers (use setupcopyoeminf.exe). Autoit 3. ; ; Found New Hardware wizard automation ; ; will accept the new hardware wizard screen and fudge pass it. ; WinWait("Found New Hardware Wizard") WinActivate("Found New Hardware Wizard") Send("{TAB} {Down} {Down} {Tab} {ENTER}") Sleep(5000) Send("{Enter}") WinWaitClose("Found New Hardware Wizard") ; Finished!
  4. knocked up the autoit script to deal with the found new hardware wizard. build is silent and automatic again.
  5. it's finding the sound card, just need to automate the wizard, going to knock up an autoit script to do it, don't know why you can't do it silent, since it knows where to find everything, it just wants some lovin from a human I guess.
  6. ok, got everything going to use that long hardware id, you need to use a ^ in front of a &. the only problem left is the "Found New Hardware" wizard, is there anyway to silence this ? (it knows where to find the drivers already). or am I best to auto it ?
  7. Someone please shoot me. We just got a batch of Dell 380's in, trying to integrate them in our build and getting screwed over by the UAA hotfix / sound drivers. the story so far, 1. Install XP 2. Unknown PCI device listed in device manager 3. install KB888111 and reboot 4. have to manually update the driver on the device for it to detect 5. then install the sound card driver if I install the intel chipset drivers first, I end up with the device becoming a floppy disk drive (very handy for playing mp3's). I don't have much of a clue of using devcon, so hoping you guys can point me as to how to remove the device after step 3 and then install it with devcon pointing to the drivers required ? this is the hardware device id PCI\VEN_8086&DEV23D8&SUBSYS_01A81028&REV_01\3&172E68DD&0&D8 when I do a devcon remove PCI\VEN_8086&DEV23D8&SUBSYS_01A81028&REV_01\3&172E68DD&0&D8 it thinks I'm specifying multiple devices, and splits it up using the '&', how can I use that whole string with devcon ? if I let it just use "PCI\VEN_8086" it removes alot of system devices (drive controller, system clock). Thanks in advance. Michael.
  8. thanks for that. going to use GP as well to execute it.
  9. Hi all, I've got a vbscript that changes that reads versions of antivirus software and the likes, inserts it into wallpaper.ini and then executes wallpaper.exe from mystuff.clarke.co.nz. I want to do this, so we can just look at a machine passing by with out having to login to check the versions. Running it as a user works fine, but I can't work out where to launch my script so it executes after the machine starts, so that each time the machine starts up, the details on the screen are up to date. Can anyone tell me where to put a run/load in to get it to execute everytime it starts up or shutsdown ? Cheers and thanks in advance. Michael. Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  10. thanks IcemanND, ended up with for /f %%i in ('dir %systemdrive%\support\drivers /b /s setup.exe') do start /wait %%i\setup.exe /s all working, now I can be real lazy while the machines build off the one image.
  11. Hi all, I have my dell drivers all dumped in c:\drivers with each driver in a sub directory ie. c:\drivers\nic c:\drivers\video c:\drivers\audio c:\drivers\chipset they all use an installed shield, so easy enough to script silent install with setup /s in a batch file using each subdirectory. What I want to do is have a batch file that will just recursive execute setup.exe /s in all subdirectory under c:\drivers, this way I don't have to have a custom install batch for each model of machine the build supports. any ideas ? I am using this for tweaks but I don't think it handles sub directories. for %%i in (%systemdrive%\support\tweaks\*.reg) do start /wait REGEDIT /S %%i thanks in advance. Michael.
  12. anyone got a link for download please ? or pm me with a link and I'll host the file. Cheers.
  13. ok, found what was the problem. copy the files un-compressed to \i386 and it's happy.
  14. ok, I've spend 6 hours farting around with this and am about ready to go postal on the nearest MS office. I have XP SP 2 Volume License I copy the contents of the cd on to my hard drive, load up nlite, point it at that, click on integrate drivers, point to my floppy that has the intel sata drivers (works fine in F6 mode), Nlite pops up advising me that I should let it do unattend as well, I say yes, no problem. it does it's little thing, pops out a new directory structure. I copy this to my build share (I use it for testing), boot up from dos on target machine, map a drive to the build share, run smartdrv, winnt.exe, let it copy it's files across, reboot and then converts the drive to NTFS from FAT32, at this point, it pops up going - can't find iastor.sys. wtf am I doing wrong ? the drivers are in i386\nldrv. so they get copied up and compressed. Thanks in advance, cause I'm going nuts.
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