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  1. Well I didn't try that bat I can tell you this... If I install windows without that tweak everything is ok. But, if i apply that tweak under loged user and then create new user and log in as him, icon will be gone(for new user. Old one will be fine...)... So, that tweak is no advisable in any way. It should not be used. Still, I have few more question not related to topic problem but it's about registry tweaks. I would appreciate your thoughts on this. 1. I want to remove wallpaper for users(or atleast the one windos log on to first) and make background colour black. For that i use this tweaks: No Wallpaper [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General] "BackupWallpaper"="" "Wallpaper"="" ;Black desktop color [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors] "Background"="0 0 0" But that doesn't work. I tried putting this tweak in HFSVCPACK and HFGUIRUNONCE. Nothing changed. They are not applied... 2. In my winnt.sif i have [UserData] FullName="XP" ComputerName=COMPUTER Name "XP" is applied but ComuterName is not. It was before. I see now that there is no "" around COMPUTER. I'll try it immediately... EDIT Tried adding "" around COMPUTER in WINNT.SIF. Didn't help... Computer name is still some random letters... 3. Is there any way to fill in some stuff in post-install wizard? I want "not to register with microsoft", "don't want firewall turned on" and so on.. Thanks...
  2. Ok. I managed to solve this issue. In my HFSVPACK folder in tweaks.reg file there was lines: ; Show Extended File Extensions (.lnk/.url etc.) [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\lnkfile] "NeverShowExt"=- After commenting those lines icon is visible in Quick Launch. Little OT: @Tomcat76 Regarding "Silent .NET Maker". As of today there are service packs for .net framework 2 and 3. links: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Service Pack 1 Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 1
  3. Hi all. I am long time hfslip user. From time when subforum didn't exists and there wasn't this many users. It was a good journey. Great one. Today, i need some help from you. I'am slipstreaming all hotfixes including IE7 into my XP SP2. After instaling slipstreamed windows there is one annoyance. There is no IE7 icon in Quick Launch. If i go to "C:\Documents and Settings\hfslip\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch" and add ".lnk" extension to file "Launch Internet Explorer Browser" everything works fine... I was searching this forum and found similar and same issues but I don't see no solution. Any help for me? I am attaching my hfslip.log and small screenshot... One more thing... If on installed windows I create new User and log in for first time I can see command prompt for a blink of eye. What with that? HFSLIP_LOG.zip
  4. Hm. More info here: http://www.google.com/search?q=testcert+un...3Amicrosoft.com
  5. Interesting! Even funny (; Indeed, yesterdy and last night i worked on setupapi.dll to patch it so i can edit layout.inf. It's done now... And it's a bit different from patch that can be found on your home page(which i saw number of times but only few minutes ago i saw patch for setupapi.dll)... (; Anyway. While "working" on setupapi.dll and others i found something that could be interesting to someone here(maybe)... There is TestCert key that can be used under [unattended] section of your answer file.. Seems to me that this is path to your "test" certificate. So, if i'am not wrong it could be possible to sign files by us and make it working... I searched a littlebit on this board for TestCert but nothing came up... Regards
  6. Hi everyone... Searching this board for layout.inf gives so much results that it's hard to find almost any valuable info... Most of posts says "do not edit layout.inf" etc.... So my questions will be: 1. What is it for(layout.inf)? 2. Why are we not allowed to edit it(it's signed, i know)? 3. What would change if we could edit layout.inf 4. How will we benefit from it? Thanks for answers... Regards.
  7. Ok! I just downloaded latest RyanVM's .NET framework instaler and replaced mine with that one... Everything works great now... Still, i am going to test it once more. Regards
  8. Interesting... I removed dx90c and .net 1.1 sp1 from my cmdlines and installed windows fine. Gone to WU and it reports nothing... Nice! Than, I manualy installed dx90c and .net 1.1sp1 and restarted vmware... WU again reports nothing... Very confusing.
  9. hm... There is a problem. Ok, I splipstreamed IE6SP1 and all the hotfixes into w2ksp4 files(with hfslip of course) and then tested it in vmware. No updates needed. Great! After that I used those same files to add some more program with cmdlines.. I added: ECHO Installs Microsoft JavaVM - Build 3810 ECHO Installs Microsoft DirectX v9.0c(Feb05) ECHO Installs Microsoft MDAC v2.8 ECHO Q832483 (for mdac 2.8) ECHO Installs Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection ECHO Installs Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 ECHO Installs Adobe Reader v7.0.1 ECHO Installs Java VM v1.5.0.02 ECHO Installs BSPlayer v86.501 ECHO Installs WinRAR v3.30 and guess what?! (; I've got Update Rollup 1 on high priority updates... Strange. Now, i am going to test this once more but without dx9.0c and we'll see... In case someone allready know reason for this behaviour please replay. tnx Regards
  10. Hello all! (; @tommyp I'am reading document you included with hfslip and one small thingy is buggin' me. At your's list of w2k updates there is js56nen.exe & scripten.exe... Is this just a mistake or it's really needed?! Regards
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