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  1. I've recently slim down XPSP2 to ~127MB using nlite the problem now is that i can't Upgrade to directX 9.0c from XPSP2's dX9.0b.every time i run it's setup it says components are installed and are ready to use. what wrong i've done is something importent for upgrading to newer virsion of dX removed can any one help me thanx and regards eXPetö
  2. Why do People use antiviruses? Fistly,Installing AV is totaly wastage of memory. Secondly,From the day i'm on network i am Collecting viruses as i think viruses are such pieces of software that should be studied(carefully).my aim is to make whole CD of viruses. Thirdly,drop using IE use Firefox which is the best browser i Know.

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