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  1. Gouki, i already tried that, and it didn't work. (tambem sou PT ) Some of the environment variables don't change what ever i do... HOMEDRIVE is one of them, HOMEPATH doesn't change also PROGRAMFILES can be changed but it doesn't work, (When i install a program, it will still be redirected to C:\Program Files\ instead of going to the path that i have defined.
  2. I'm having some trouble in defining the Variables for my pourpose, which is, instead of using the "C:\Documents and Settings\" folder by default, to change and use the "F:\Users\" Folder. I was able to change the USERPROFILE and some others, but it seems that the HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH, aren't changing, even after the reboot... Is it possible to change? If yes, how ? I really need this stuff, i'm trying to optimise my system for my own purposes. Any help you be really apreciated

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