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  1. The Windows 2000 update KB903235 did not work using the switches provided. Instead, I used /Q:A /R:N
  2. Hey all, I have attached a script file decompiled from this install I'm trying to execute silently, a.k.a. unattended. I have been searching for about two days now in hopes of figuring it out, but I am simply not that great with breaking down the code in the script file. I'm trying to just disable the prompts during setup, find switches for the prog, or anything to make this go silently. Thank you for your help! setup.txt
  3. Windows 98 batch file

    Bump.. and also I was wondering if, instead of what is written above, I could place something in my windows 98 msbatch.inf file to enable me to run an install.bat full of applications. I was essentially wondering what the windows 98 equivalent would be for [GuiRunOnce]...? Thank you!
  4. deamentools new hardware?

    does the popup halt your windows installation or is it just an annoyance? also, which part of the windows setup does the daemontools setup run?
  5. which version of windows are you working with?
  6. Download and use the JO.SYS file. http://www.nu2.nu/jo/
  7. [Apps.Install] HKLM,%KEY_RUNONCE%,AppsInstall,,"%10%\Install.bat" This is at the end of my windows 98 batch file and will essentially run all of my application installs. I copied it from a thread here but am still unable to find the thread I just can't figure out what the %10% means and where in the setup folder I should place my Install batch file. Please help.
  8. FYI: I was unable to integrate the following using the standard /integrate switch for Windows XP SP2: KB885250 KB890830 KB890175 GDI+ tool
  9. My win2000 install of IE6 worked perfectly by having the install files in i386/svcpack. All I did was put it in my svcpack.inf file and ran it before all of the hotfixes. It worked well (just tested successfully yesterday)
  10. Nevermind-- I ended up just repackaging it with iexpress.exe and edited out the popup in the .inf file.
  11. Hulk, should I just copy and paste the reg.exe to win2k/i386/system32 for it to work in the windows 2000 installation?
  12. Incroyable HULK, How do you prevent the GDI+ detection popup box in Windows 2000 unattended install? When I insert the (HALT BOX) tag and the registry addition for it like I did for my Windows XP unattended, it doesn't even install it.
  13. After using your XP guide, I decided to do the same when it came to hotfixes and such by utilizing svcpack.inf for my Windows 2000 unattended disc. Here's my problem: I want to have the Directx 9.0c executable install above all of the hotfixes; similar to how the WMP 10 would install if I put it there in Windows XP unattended. What should the command line be? At the moment I simply used: directx9.exe /install /silent I think the switches must be wrong as it comes up in error...what should I do? One last question--can I install any application I want in the svcpack.inf file?