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  1. They look very cool Thanatos Can you do some 'alternative' ones for win2k3? As terminator3 said the target paths can be edited with Resource Hacker i didnt change them as i was just playing around and just wanted to see what images people would make to make it worth while.
  2. Here, just made a setup screen. Put it together with some pretty basic tools but i thought someone might be interested or want to edit it/tweak it to their liking maybe. You might recognise the two girls in the image i think... Link: <upload in progress>
  3. I was just playing around yesterday with some old Whistler BETA cd's and seeing if there was anything i could remove with Resource Hacker (image etc) and i had a thought. The 'Autorun' menu in 2000 is rather nice and simple. Surley it would look better than the 'big colourful' teletubby type button autorun menu? It may not be 'essential' or that important but ive run out of things to modify and fiddle with. :lol I have very limited tools available to me at the moment, 'Paint' is all i have on my system (i had abobe but the CD got damaged :/) at the moment so im sure people can do better... Here is the file so edit away and post back ur changes if you have a spare few mins. Ive not made any changes to make it work with ALL the extra features of the win2k3 CD but its just a matter of editing the target paths with reshacker. Setup.rar
  4. This only copys the files, not the folders. Removing the wildcards also results in the same thing. I know im missing something obvious that im gonna kick myself for but what is it? :/ Im trying to have MozillaFirebird installed along with everything else you see.
  5. Thats strange. I mean that tool is on MSFN's main site, download link and all.....
  6. I have the workstation conversion that is. But i always get "Installation Failed" after a few mins when i use that command^
  7. http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBN/tip6800/rh6821.htm Didnt work for me though - nor did the Microsoft guide either which is exactley the same. Wonder why they took down the KB article anyways... ...I guess maybe some people could have been getting confused and thinking 2003 was an ugrade to XP.
  8. I have one to add for Windows Server 2003 Thanks to RegShot actually.
  9. AS well as quick launch, what about the actual Start Menu. Anyone know a way to select the "Classic StartMenu" by default? :/
  10. Thanks for that. Seems to be related too.. HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-819130938-3301966380-4059328890-500\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\srvWiz\: 0x00000000
  11. Yes Thanks lol but what i actually meant was the registry value that changes so i can apply it via a regfile on my unattended CD. So im not greeted with that screen after its done.
  12. Hmmm the tool your using looks interesting Install XP? Where did you find it?
  13. Does anybody know the registry value that clicking "Do not show this at startup" sets when you dismiss the "Maintain Your Server" screen on first bootup? I want to set this OFF by default you see. *edit* I solved the wallpaper riddle. typing error - all works now. *edit*
  14. All on one line like that? I didnt change the font to do that i just edited the images that display to the side of the text and made them VERY small and the same color as the background. *edit* Oh wait my bad, you mean WITH the side images intact too. Nevermind then.
  15. Was it some sort of hexedit you did on it? If you can PM me maybe with how u did it i might be able to apply it to the UXTHEME.DLL for Win2k3 myself just a thought.
  16. Ok then... Here is another example where this might be handy, if you are building CD's for your workspace/school etc - U might want to put ALL the tools on a CD but leave the ability to not install certain tools programs on systems that dont require it. I like this tool,its quite neat, and small. Im not sure i will personally use it but its there if i ever do.
  17. What about win2k3... does it work on that too? Also if post how u did it, the process might be able to be applied to other files
  18. I think this would be suitable for the LAST thing after your unattended setup. For the things that you may not always want installing - for instance you might not want Nero 6.0 installed everytime when 6.1 was released.... or you might not want the catalyst's on the CD installed everytime because you might wish to use Omega or even more upto date versions..... Im sure that u wont want to keep reburning your DVD after EVERY slight build change to your programs and updating them after they have been installed is not always the best way (especially with drivers).
  19. Now that i like care to post the dll? Oh thanks for letting me know how to change the initial install screen btw
  20. Can i just ask something - We have replaced the Setup screens for the mainsetup. But how can we change them for the initial Windows Based setup too? Just to make the conversion complete??
  21. Windows NT could very easily support DX 6 or above but MS knew at the time they quit developing DX for NT 4 that they were going to phase out support for it. There are some people that DO run a hacked DX version on NT4 OK you purked my interest with that.... <has a copy if NT4 i bought and never used sat here> Care to elaborate furthur?
  22. SP1 isnt due out till next year though ! I do have Build 1029 of SP1 for Win2k3 but its dated June 2003 so i guess its pretty old in terms of updates. Thanks for teh links btw but they all seem to be either Dead, Down or Full lol.
  23. Is there a comprehensive list of hotfix's available for Windows 2003?? I want to download them all and apply them to my ISO im creating. Ta
  24. I would think the older NTOSKRNL.EXE would cause problems.... thats certainly the case if you install Windows XP 'after' Windows 2003

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