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  1. Hi, (have googled, but nothing found) Is their a way to replace the common open dialog. where is it stored? which dll? Thanks in advance, JunAle
  2. hmmm.... yesterday i locked the administrator-account - that was not what i wanted, but the server hang up. now - without the possibility to use the administrative login nothing works anymore... what could i do now? sincerely, JunAle
  3. We have Windows 2000 Server and need a possibility to log the user-logon-times. I can't find it anywhere but remember that "there was sth like that"... Thanks in advance, JunAle
  4. Hi, is it possible to combine the win ressources (driver, programms and so on) some of them should be same in win 2k/xp/2003 server - am i right? and: have anyone testet a combined-$OEM$-trial - means an folder on cd with all programms you want to pre-install in either os?!? any troubles? suggestions? JunAle
  5. Want to restore an registry to an nonworking nt 4 server os. Have an secondary installation which works (without network) and the .reg-file of the to-import-registry. Any idea or tool which helps... Thought of converting .reg to hive-binaries and including them on the to-old-rescue-disk. But found no possibility to convert! many thanks in advance!
  6. Exactly the same.... so i have to add this in inf-section.... thx
  7. hi, we have about 20 machines and now - that i have an quite comlpeted unattended xp setup - i need to set machine's networksettings in a batch/in the command line interface. How can i do this? i haven't found an option in "net" i'm not so used to "netsh" - but i'm overwhelmed by the pure number of options anybody some hints? i have to set: * ip * machine's name thx in advance
  8. hi, since i've moved the patch kb817778 to the textmode-protion of setup (CMDLINES.TXT) i get every time this "error": windows setup was executed with wrong parameter (btw. i have a german windows, so i don't know the exact english words). then a window opens with all parameters of WINDOWS-SETUP opens... anybody an idea?
  9. aaargghhh, just finished last changes, reshacker won't run anymore.... windows complains about an "Access Violation at address ..." kick it, d*mn. ups, sorry... the neural pathway from brain to fingers is shorten, when i'm upset... folks, anybody have an idea for eays edit the winntbbu.dll. but please post freeware TIA (should be an tla - three letter acronym => "thanks in advance" )
  10. hi, i'm using (at the moment) an automated generated windows-setup... First my older in $OEM$\$1\INSTALL: 17.09.2003 09:14 <DIR> 100DirectX9b 17.09.2003 09:14 <DIR> 110JavaVM 17.09.2003 09:14 <DIR> 111JavaVM 17.09.2003 09:14 <DIR> 120NetFramework 17.09.2003 09:14 <DIR> 130WMP 17.09.2003 09:14 <DIR> 150PowerToys 17.09.2003 09:14 <DIR> 151PowerToys 17.09.2003 09:15 <DIR> 500AdobeAcrobat 17.09.2003 09:15 <DIR> 510NeroBurningROM 17.09.2003 09:15 <DIR> 600NortonAntivirus 17.09.2003 09:30 <DIR> 700Codec 17.09.2003 09:16 <DIR> 800HotFix 17.09.2003 09:30 <DIR> 900RegHack 17.09.2003 09:16 <DIR> 999Clean 11.09.2003 11:29 1.558 infSetup.cmd In every subfolder i use two batches: infData.bat infSetup.bat For example we look into the subfolder with the files for DirectX (100DirectX9b) - the content of infData.bat: set infCommand=c:\\install\\100DirectX9b\\infSetup.bat set infDescription=MS DirectX 9.0b the content of infSetup.bat: @echo off cls echo DIRECTX: Please wait... start /wait %systemdrive%\install\100DirectX9B\dxsetup.exe /opk exit That means, infData.bat will set two variables - one with the command to run infSetup.bat, one with the description shown in windows setup... Now to the main-batch infSetup.cmd in the "root": @ECHO OFF if "%1"==":" goto %2 :Clear Screan CLS :Displays Message ECHO infSetup: Starting (version 1.0) ECHO. :Check for automated installation ECHO infSetup: Check if automated installation is needed... set infFound=No for /r %%i in (infData.bat) do if exist %%i set infFound=Yes if "%infFound%"=="No" goto :_donothing set infFound= :Generates Header of .inf-File ECHO infSetup: Generating .inf-Setup ECHO Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 > %tmp%\_infSetup ECHO. >> %tmp%\_infSetup ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx] >> %tmp%\_infSetup :Startvalue of RunOnceEx\"xxx"-Value SET infNumber=100 :_loop ECHO infSetup: Collecting information... for /r %%i in (infData.bat) do if exist %%i call %0 : _addInf %%i ECHO infSetp: Applying generated .inf-File :REGEDIT /S %tmp%\_infSetup goto _end :_addInf ECHO infSetup: Trying to get data (%3) call %3 if "infCommand"=="" goto _noCommand ECHO [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceEx\zz%infNumber%] >> %tmp%\_infSetup ECHO "1"="%infCommand%" >> %tmp%\_infSetup ECHO @="%infDescription%" >> %tmp%\_infSetup ECHO. >> %tmp%\_infSetup SET /A infNumber=%infNumber% + 1 SET infCommand= SET infDescription= goto _eof :_donothing ECHO infSetup: No .inf-Setup found... goto _eof :_noDescription set /a infDescription=%infNumber% - 99 set infDescription=Task %infDescription% goto _eof :_noCommand goto _eof :_end regedit /s %tmp%\_infSetup del %tmp%\_infSetup :_eof (btw. any questions to the code?! i'll explain it, if this is needed) and to be completed in the winnt.sif you need folowing code: [GuiRunOnce] Command1="%systemdrive%\install\infSetup.cmd" Command2="shutdown -r -t 0 -f -d p:0:0" And you should set to Admint-Autologin-Count to 2 times... This i want to change and do my infSetup.cmd in the textmode... I'll try it soon... That would save me a reboot.... and mek it tidier and nicer... The Advantages of this method is - through folder-renaming you change the installation order. The add, you just make an new folder, copy neede files into it and make the two batches. What do you mean?
  11. hi guys, i have the winntbbu.dl_ in my \i386 folder. But also * winntbbu.dll * winntbba.ddl with the same content - are they to be overwritten?
  12. i thought all the time, you could easily turn off wfp with the reg-keys. does'nt this work? or why do you need the hack? plz, help a greenhorn...
  13. Maybe recode it in "normal" VB. btw. i'm off now for a couple of hours
  14. Why this? What if i don't like it or don't have it? I always code my programs that it could be used with plain windows (nearly all run under win9x and up). What environment/language do you use? Mine is Delphi 6.0/Pascal or JBuilder 7/Java.
  15. It's easy: Use RegShot. Download: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=965 or http://www.webattack.com/get/regshot.html [snip] yeah, baby, yeah! what i've been searchung for a while.... much thx, to you
  16. thx, should read more, but i'm new to MSFN... but - thank god - i found it
  17. @aaronxp: thx, i'll just try it at friday... Maybe others will find a fix for igors problem until then (i won't be at home 'till then)
  18. Thx, sounds great... what tool you are using?
  19. hmm.... i wrote an terminal server connect skript, but it is anoying (spelling? o, my bad english) to build the dialup connection from scratch every installation... it is possible to slipstream an dialup-connection to my provider?
  20. i want to integrate my favorites into the unattended cd, how to to that? maybe just copy them to the userdir, but how to find it? i don't want to copy it to an path like c:\.... because of different languages. is there any %userdir% or something like this?
  21. @ECHO OFF IF "%1"==":" GOTO %2 CLS echo HOTFIX: Starting (version 1.0) echo. FOR %%i in (Type1\*.*) do call %0 : _InstType1 %%i FOR %%i in (Type2\*.*) do call %0 : _InstType2 %%i goto _end :_InstType1 echo HOTFIX: Installation of Type1: %3 %systemdrive%\hotfix\%3 /q /m /z goto _eof :_InstType2 echo HOTFIX: Installiere of Type2: %3 %systemdrive%\hotfix\%3 /q:a /r:n goto _eof :_end exit :_eof Hi, i have written this neat handy batch. Just copy the batch to path-to your-burn-files\$OEM$\$1\INSTALL\HOTFIX. The HotFixes are categorized into two types: (correspond to the types described here: http://www.MSFN.org/unattended/xp/installhotfixes.htm). To see what type your hotfix is, just open the folder with the explorer and look which icon it has: Type One place in folder: path-to your-burn-files\$OEM$\$1\INSTALL\HOTFIX\TYPE1 Type Two place in folder: path-to your-burn-files\$OEM$\$1\INSTALL\HOTFIX\TYPE2 All you have to do is to copy the hotfixes in the right folger and burn the cd. Any ideas/remarks.... p.s. picture are taken form url: http://www.MSFN.org/unattended/images hope that's ok.
  22. i just spent the last three days to make my own unattended xp-cd. this was possible because of your help - thx guys, thx very much. But now i have a couple of ideas and don't know where to look: * wish to set all folders in the detailed list view ? * wish to show known file endings * wish to see every file (hidden, system and so on) * wish to see system folders i'm looking forward to your help...
  23. Hi folks, i have this problem: every update (login via vpn over isdn) a client receives the same email form exchange server. but only this email, every other mail is received once. anbody an idea? alex

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