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  1. Thanx again jito463, Should I take offense to the help us help you link or just consider it constructive ribbing? I guess its better than calling me an id***, Ill try to be more forum savvy in the future.
  2. Ok should the file be winnt.sif with an extension of sif or winnt with a sif extension? once I resolve this I am going to burn another cd and test it out.
  3. Thank you for your input it is greatly appreciated, also thanx for alerting me that i had a response in my other post
  4. Ok, tried that and did not work, did exactly what you said, It saved aa winnt.sif.txt
  5. I guess noone knows the answer to my question. I think it is possibly something simple im just to burned out from working on this slipstream and automated install.
  6. ?????????, Ok maybe im more ignorant than you think but ive been trying to do that all night, maybe a little direction?
  7. My winnt keeps saving as a text file. How can I get it to be an .sif file?
  8. While attempting to create an answer file for an unattended install with xp, the output file named unattend.txt is supposed to be changed to winnt.sif. However when I change it it becomes a text file named winnt.sif. The extension is staying .txt, Therefore it is not working. can someone tell me how to make it save as an .sif?

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