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  1. I am not too familiar with intel systems, but I have an amd64 3200+, and it stays below 52 even under extreme load, and this is with it overclocked to 2.5 Ghz and a Zalman 92mm 7000 ALCU resting on top of it (an inexpensive and very fruitful cooling solution). I'd also like to point out that my system has no case fans installed... Though, this wll all change when an Antec P180 finds a home at zipzoomfly. Auto-notified, baby! As to the guy that suggested water cooling, do some research. Most processors can handle up to 70 degrees stably, but I'd never allow a machine to run higher than 60. I'd intervene and find more efficeint cooling. Try the zalman cooler, they tend to be quiet and very efficient.
  2. Hello. I'm new to the forums and I couldn't really find what I was looking for... I am curious how I install specific files, for example, I want to install my own wallpapers on install, as well as a few themes I like. How would I integrate this into the setup disk? Or slipstream even? Also, I'm not really sure but, how do I integrate the audigy 2 ZS drivers? I couldn't find an inf file for it, in the latest driver package. Appreciate any help. Lastly, any way to customize the install GUI? Like, make it dark and or give your own messages and such? Some of them just don't fit anymore.

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