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  1. None of those i tryed it with two other Windows 2000 cd's and still get the same thing happen.
  2. Help i can't install windows 2000 on my laptop, i boot it up from the disc everything goes fine untill it gets to copying the files at 12% it hangs and stays there even if i leave it for along time it doesn't move.What am i doing wrong for this to happen.
  3. I have aproblem whenever i try to swith to another user on Windows XP it starts to swith then the screen switches off it comes back on and then it says Signnal Over Range and i can't see anything at all so i have to restart my computer.
  4. what b/c? i'll try to set the jumpers again.
  5. I have tryed adding the new hard drive by itslef and the pc recognizes it. My mother board is ASUSTek Computer INC TUSL2-C
  6. I have bought a seagate 120 gb hardrive, i've put it in my pc just underneath my older hardrive. The problem is that the bios doesn't see it. I've set the new hardrive to slave and the old one to master. What could be the problem?
  7. hi can anyone tell me if there is a way of applying passwords to programs to use them?
  8. Can someone help my telewestbroadband keeps disconnecting if i don't use the internet for a couple of minutes how can i stop it from doing this?
  9. Can somebody help me I can't open more than 1 window of Internet Explorer. How do I fix this problem?
  10. mwevi

    how do you

    How do you reinstal windwos xp pro without the cd?
  11. mwevi


    how do you share files between two computers using an ethernet wire?
  12. What is Router? I'm using the computer at home. I use cable broadband. I use windows Xp's firewall.
  13. What's a Router and how do i change the settings for it?
  14. I have Broadband connection through Lan and recently it the connection to the internet stops working how do i fix this? So it stops doing this.
  15. can microsoft virtual pc 2004 support linux
  16. Windows xp normaly starts going slow after you add alot of programs you should delete programs that you do not use and also after you've installed sp1 your computer slows down on boot.
  17. can someone plz help me the C:\Documents and Settings\hash\Local Settings\Temp window comes up whenever i start my computer

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