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  1. Ok, obviesly I really mixed up the files I'm sorry
  2. plz wait a second... it takes some time here Could really be that I mixed up the setupldrs... but... just a moment (would be quite sorry if.. )
  3. I changed the I386 to A386 respecting the form of the letter (capital or minor). It's just a guess, but I bet Alanoll (don't beat me) forgott to change the name of the folder ^^. I'm trying it at the moment at the whole DVD... Would be a blame if it didn't work again, wouldn't it @Alanoll I hope so
  4. Oui ^^ Leave the 386 and only replace the letter, respecting its form (capital, minor) then it works formidable, pas? I'm trying it with the full setup now (did it without the txtsetup modification for testing..). I'll tell you if it worked
  5. ok, I tried to change the i386 to a386 whereas I always took capital letters where they were in the original file too. After remembering to change the folders name and the bootsectors link too, it worked! Before they were named 3ENU and 3ENT (didn't work...)
  6. as it's my first post here: Hi everyone, this site seems to be great @topic: I tried to install 2K3 SP1 with the old setupldr unattended, works this far, but after booting up, windows claims a driver/service couldn't be started (someone reported this behaviour already with the rc1, but didn't find a solution either..).Furthermore in System the autoupdate and remote-tab are missing. While installing in normal (attended) mode with the old setupldr these failures don't occure, but at the Gui-setup he asks for the installpath several times (once for notepad.exe, once for iexplore.exe which is missing in unattend version either). At the moment I'm trying to take a 2K3 without SP1 and add the service pack by svcpack.inf. Non elegant, but could be working . hm, I just got another idea... Couldn't we just leave the name of the boot foder i386? This way we needn't to edit the setupldr.bin... only the txtsetup.sif... btw., if you don't understand my (horrible) english, please ask.. better to write everything twice if it helps the subject
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