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  1. I followed the advanced guide on the unattended site here to slipstream office and set it up using the office resource kit etc.. I will have another go, maybe it just failed somewhere along the line like it was suggested above. Thanks for the help i will see what happens in a few days when i try again.
  2. Hi Thanks for the reply. I noticed on the latest install it did infact install xpize but like you say it didnt install the wallpaper. I did actually try to import the theme seperately using the custom theme technique xp install which almost worked 1st time. I would prefer to run it like you mentioned above but i have not used autoit before. Any way i could add an autoit script to get past that restore point error in the 3.2 install? I see from your link you created a script with autoit to do this but how would i implement that into my runonceex installation? Thanks
  3. I dont think i even installed the dot net framework as i dont think its part of the hotfixes on ryans site is it? I only installed his main hotfix update and not any of the additional things like the framework and adobe reader etc that is listed seperately.
  4. Hi I love xpize and i want it to be part of my unattended installation dvd but i am having some problems. This is what i have tried and the results so far. 1. I slipstreamed XPSP2 into the XP CD source on my c drive using NLite. Then i get to the add hotfixes part of NLite and i add Ryans Hotfixes and Xpize (tried both versions) at this stage. Finish making changes then add Bâshrat the Sneaky's DriverPacks afterwards and burn to dvd. Boot into windows and there is no Xpize anywhere. 2. Same as above but this time instead of adding xpize either version at the hotfix stage of NLite i wait till NLite has finished and then use the i386 method which puts the xpize files on my desktop. I manually paste these into the xp source i386 folder and then burn it on a dvd and it has no xpize anywhere again!! 3. I added Xpize uAE 1.2 to my runonceex list and added it to my $OEM$ folder and used the /s switch to make it silently install. Everything goes ok but instead of auto installing it waits for me to click next next next finish etc... when i wanted it to install automatically. Am i going crazy i just have no idea what to try now LOL Help anyone because im sure im doing something really stupid here!! Thanks edit: Well at least when i tried the 3rd option above i manually installed it and then my runonceex finished and rebooted the system and there was no xpize wallpapers etc but the other parts of it seemed to work this way. Not sure why either 3.2 or 1.2uAE wont give me any xpize wallpapers or themes though on all of the methods above.
  5. I followed the guide on this site to slipstream it.
  6. Hi I am having problems with MS Office 2003 installing using the RunOnceEx method. My XP unattended install goes fine then when it starts the apps part MS Office starts to install and you see the bar moving across then it goes backwards and quickly moves onto installing the next program in the list. I had followed the MSFN guide on slipstreaming sp1 into office and creating the unattended.mst file to run the setup.exe but that failed so i tried with just running the pro11.msi and that did the same thing. Heres a part of my file: REG ADD %KEY%\000 /VE /D "MS Office 2003 SP1" /f REG ADD %KEY%\000 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Office2003\PRO11.MSI /qb-" /f This was the original: REG ADD %KEY%\000 /VE /D "MS Office 2003 SP1" /f REG ADD %KEY%\000 /V 1 /D "%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Office2003\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-" /f Any ideas why it just fails? Thanks

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