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  1. Here is the thing. I got my Office 2003 CD copied to a central installation point. Lets say. G:\CAU\Office2k3 then i got mi Office 2003 Service Pack1, dowloaded from microsoft web (in spanish) and decompressed to the following folder. G:\CAU\Office2k3SP1 Before an unattend deploy to the client pcs i tried to update de installation cd with the service pack, in orde to avoid the manual installation of the service pack, so i follow the MSFN tutorial for slipstreaming and I uses the command lines as follows G:\CAU>msiexec /p G:\CAU\Office2k3SP1\MAINSP1ff.msp /a G:\CAU\Office2k3\PRO11.ms i SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb G:\CAU>msiexec /p G:\CAU\Office2k3SP1\OWC11SP1ff.msp /a G:\CAU\Office2k3\OWC11.m si SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb So far so good...no error on sight, but when i deploy de office installation, theres no signe of the service pack applied on it, cause, when i check it on the help menu it only say Microsoft xxxx. Im missing something? please help me!! thanks guy
  2. hey guys im been working my brain to its limits and i found it!!! pretty stupid my error...i must say that my troubleshooting was quite poor this time. The thing is that the batch file, was pointing to a setup.exe that did not exist in the intallation folder, so with a little bit of testing and error i got it right.. the line is as follows... start /wait Z:\CAU\Office2k3\setuppro.exe TRANSFORMS=PRO11.MST /qb- Notice, that I create another MST file...(just in case! ) and i realize that the executable was setuppro.exe or pro11.msi. Already deploy and i can go home and sleep with mi girl in peace!! thanks for your replys, they were really usefull. PD: i have another issue with the servicepack slipstreaming...but to keep tidy this forum, I will create another thread.
  3. Hi guys, this is my first post from argentina, so i hope that you can understand me. The thing is quite simple. MS Office2003 Ent. with volume licensing. 10 Windows XP Pro desktops, already deploy. Im trying to deploy the office instalation as follows. 1. Create the MST file with the Office Resource Kit. 2. Configure all the needed settings for the instalacion. 3. on the desktops, I open a cmd and i write. "setup.exe TRANSFORMS="z:\CAU\Office2k3\CAU.mst /qb-" when i hit enter, a pop ups, comes from windows sayin that. "for installing or configure the sistem components, you should use control panel". Im stucked in this screen cause, the installation wont go any further. I hope, that you understand me. And comments??? THANKS!!!

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