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  1. I found this site from google. It looks nice, and helpful. Anyways, I'll introduce myself. I'm Leanne. I'm into video games and computer games. I'm online quite a bit, because I have no life offline. haha! Not really, but it seems that way sometimes. I don't really know what else to say, so Hi!
  2. I know there has been posts about this before (that's how I found the site.) I was using Windows ME, and got the error after trying to install internet explorer 6. My question is, if I was to get Windows XP, would the upgrade have the file that is missing, or would I have to buy the full version? I am willing to do either, but I would like to buy the cheaper one if it would work. Also, if I install the full version on XP, will all my files on the computer now be deleted? [edit]Hmm, maybe this should be in the XP section. [/edit]
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