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  1. I have just had a look at the new version, I am not sure if it allows me to create a single disc which contains an XP Home and XP Profesional installs each using different winnt.sif files. Am I right in saying that the current version allows me to use different winnt.sif files for only XP Home. Niall
  2. Thanks for the info. I will wait for the next release which looks like it will do what I want. I am off on holiday so I look forward to trying it when I get back. Thanks Njay
  3. I just used this program at the weekend, it is an amazing utility. The ability to add the $OEM directory and the winnt.sif is great. I have 2 installs, XP home and XP Pro, if when I build the distribution, if I use the same directory am I correct in saying when I create the ISO I will get a boot disc that will offer XP Home & XP Pro and would probably fit on a single CD? (They currently do) Before using powerpacker if I added/updated a program I had to do it in 2 places now it is only in 1. Thanks Niall
  4. Bâshrat - I will be installing my machine again in the near future, I have the GA-K8VT800 motherboard, is there any information I can give you to try and get this problem fixed.
  5. I have not tried with the latest driver packs. It may have been fixed but as you say the original poster seams to have the same error I had.
  6. I have a similar motherboard, the K8VT800M which is based on the VIA 8237 Chipset. I got a BSOD after the text setup phase. It was incorrectly loading the viasraid driver, Initially I added my HWID to the dosnet.inf and txtsertup.inf files. I still got a BSOD so I removed all references to the viasraid.sys in these files. The install then worked.
  7. I have just downloaded the zip file which is on the same page and that has an inf file with the corresponding sys file so I will add these to my unattended install instead of trying to find the files in the install sheild file I had previously downloaded Njay
  8. Bâshrat I can not find an inf file. Here is a link to the file I downloaded would you be able to have a look at it and advise me further. http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_ty...s/cpudriver.EXE Njay
  9. Has any body managed to integrate the latest AMD 64 CPU drivers into there unattended XP install (32 bit). I have downloaded the drivers from AMD, then using WinRAR extracted out the install files, I used i6comp.exe to extract the install files from data1.cab but I am unsure of which versions of the files I need for an english install as some of the files are contained multiple times. It would be nice to have these files installed , I would appreciate some help if anyone has been successful with this. Thanks Njay
  10. I had the same issue, I think I resolved it by renaming my existing $OEM directory to another name, then running the script then copying the contents of my old $OEM directory back into the new one created by the scripts.
  11. I use the following to install the home edition start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Applications\avast\setupeng /SILENT /SP- /NORESTART /LOADINF="%systemdrive%\install\Applications\Avast\Avast.inf" Place the following in avast.inf [Setup] Lang=default Dir=c:\Program Files\Antivirus Group=Avast NoIcons=0 Components=
  12. I only have the following files and it works ok 0x049.ini abcpy.ini adobe reader 6.msi (renamed to AR6.msi) data1.cab setup.exe It looks like I can also remove setup.exe aswell Njay
  13. One possible method Set a global boolean exitNow = true; Then Start a thread which will wait for the predefined time. If exitNow is still true when the predefined time has expired exit the application. If a user pressed any buton on the screen, set exitNow to false, this will stop the application from exiting. Hope this helps, I am afraid I am any coding I do now is java so my sample code would be no use. NJay
  14. This tool look like it could be very useful for allowing you to choose which programs to install. A couple of useful additions would be:- 1) a default set of applications, these would then automatically be set from an ini file. 2) a time out option, which would then install the default set of programs if for instance there was no user interaction after 5 minutes.
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