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  1. Download XPlode Unrestricted

    1. ok, its an argument, if all the 45 bucks would you get, then it wouldnt be a problem. anyway i wrote you an email, i do it, i need your app, maybe i get some more licenses for freands, then the $35 for the transfere are not hurting the transfere costs depend on your place and my place, western union is transfering money in near the whole world for just 12 bucks...i guess 2. not everyone have a need to get na (most cases payed) personal email account, i hafe fax, i have sip/voip, i have all the instant messengers, cuz i need them, i really use an email just for registrating in some forums cant say people who dont have one arent competent. forget it, may be i buy i future one....its not the general descussion topic.... 3. if you say, you give no permission, i respect it and wait until we have cleared the problems and i can purchase the software. i dont have one program on my pc that is not registered or cracked, or not legal. ok, i have a game, i cracked to get it to run without cd, but i have the original, i cound buy a second one for lanparty, the game is old, and anywere to buy. we all have our sins.... so i hope you answer my email, that we can continue bye vault
  2. Download XPlode Unrestricted

    1. why not? i would transfere the money to you, then when you got it, you send me the app via email or you send me the user/pass via email....where is the problem? so i dont have any chance to use your software in any legal way without expiring? ok.... 2. strange, why? what is your busines with my email account if i pay the money? ok its your mind, i cant do something against the pragrammers and softdeveloppers are crying that their software is cracked and pirated, that they loose money....but it is normal if they make those hurdles to the users, that they cant buy if they want. in most cases it is not the prise that is pulling people to crack soft! so if you dont want that i pay you money for unrestricted, am i allowed to kill the expiration from restricted version that i have? or where i could download an older version that doesnt have timelimitation but gfxinstall plugin for transparent background? thanks vault
  3. Download XPlode Unrestricted

    hello Wraith! i send you a email, but still no answer. so i ask here: 1. how to purchase a single personal not expiring license of xplode without a credit card? i dont have one! 2. in the orderform you wrote to purchase the user needs an corporate email account (no freemail)...are you serious? i need to build a unattend installing disc (that works much more than three weeks), i already buil an xml, and tested the disc - works nice! so... 3. are there any changes between restricted and unrestricted (except expiration) so that i couldnt use my finished xml? you coded a real cool app! the price of 10$ is fairly. thanks regards vault