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  1. but this was perfect!!! http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...Ben-us%3B307545
  2. not really i cant even get the "welcome" screen!
  3. i have tried to skip it but it just froze, is they any way to fix it, without reloading the operating system?
  4. yes and no... i remembered the password lol... sorry wildkat, how about trying what the others have said??...
  5. no sorry, anyway I had just deleted this game, it'S suck ( in my opinion) not plot, completely linear, I dont Think it should be describe as a RPG. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> how the hell can you do that???? an rpg is a game that takes you to another world! taking on all the advantages and disadvantages of that caracter in cirtain situations. i love it!!
  6. o yea... i also have 1gb of ram too
  7. yea all my drivers are upto date, i've used a live update on my motherboard as well, from MSI
  8. The number of fans mean very little. Most people w/ that amount of fans usually have worse airflow and temps than the people who have a few and place them strategically. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> my case is very well ventilated
  9. is it true that dungeon siege II will be editable with gmax to basically customise it into your own game? i heard you could do something like that with the first one, but what about II?? it would be so B) if it was possible!! lol
  10. i dont think its the cpu getting too hot i have 6 fans on my machine and the specs of my machine are: AMD athlon 3500+ geforce 6800GT 200GB SATA hard drive MSI motherboard with SLI capabilities windows xp pro sp2 B) lol plus it starts doing it not too long after i've switched on
  11. on my new pc (that i put together myself) i keep having to restart it because programs like gmax, IE, and my documents, and various other programs keep on not responding, does anyone know what this is caused by and how to fix this problem? its really p***ing me off!
  12. is there a way to change a cisco 1924 A to a 1924 EN?? thanx
  13. cheers trickytwista, the second one worked perfectly!
  14. could someone please tell me how to: a ) test it to make sure its working properly b ) wipe the hard disks of all data c ) get the config of the machine
  15. My Task Manager is disabled by the administrator, but i'm the administrator of my computer, what should i do to fix this problem??
  16. i was having some trouble with my dvdrw drive: (it would not play dvd's properly) so i contacted the manufactures of the drive and of the software i got with it and they both told me to install new firmware for my drive... i successfully did this, and restarted. after doing so i got a messege saying that windows must be activated again due to major changes in my system, but when i tried to it said my code was used too many times and i had to change my code, does this mean i will have to buy another code? or is there a way around this?
  17. when i turn on the hp laserjet 6L is makes a loud noise, kind of like a long beeb but a bit rougher... why is this happening? and is there anything i can do about it? THANX
  18. i've istalled a 200gb SATA drive on my new pc, and tried to load winxp pro, but it only sees 130gb... why is this? is there a way to fix this? HELP!?!?!
  19. is there a way i can redo the windows xp loading screen? like when people make there own themes? and is there a program i can get that can make it easier to completely customise the way my o/s looks?
  20. isn't there a way i can get a program that supports that one then?
  21. I was trying to make win98 look better by putting a 3d text screensaver from win2k on it... i copied the screensaver file and burned it to a disk, i then copied it to the correct directory, but everytime i tried to use the screensaver program it displayed a error saying "windows has performed an illegal operation" or something along those lines lol... is there ne other programs i would have to copy over or a way round this? please help!
  22. i need the password to start windows up... so i'm guessing that would mean that i woudn't be able to update it if i cant get anywhere... ?? i've also taken it apart to try and find the inernal battery to remove it and reset the password that way... but i failed to locate where it was...
  23. I forgot my bios password for my hp omnibook xe2, it's a phoenix bios if that makes a difference... is there a program to reset it??? or to remove it... even just skip it?? please help
  24. OMG OMG OMG HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS STUPID!!!! ( there is a wheel for udjusting the sound volume on the side of the laptop!!!! he he ) thatn you to the people who posted tho

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